CMA - Diversity Partnership Program - Mentor-Protégé Program - Woman-owned


Mentor–Protegé Program

CMA’s Mentor-Protegé Program (MPP) allows disadvantaged businesses to capitalize on our specialized knowledge as an experienced woman-owned company. Through the MPP, we provide assistance in all aspects of business, including financial, contractual, and management practices. In addition, we advise companies on valuable lessons-learned to help create a vision for the future. Much of CMA’s continued success lies in our ability embrace disadvantaged companies, and incorporate them as partners.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Please contact Dan Wall, VP at 518-783-9003.

Diversity Partnership Program

To invite further participation in this process, we have also created the Diversity Partnership Program (DPP). The purpose of the DPP is to attract a wide variety of skills and products offered by disadvantaged companies. This enhances CMA’s capabilities, while helping to develop talents and further the success of these companies. Using the DPP link, a disadvantaged business can easily provide information that may be used to “jump-start” a relationship with CMA. The process is a simple, yet valued partnership tool to help identify where strengths and opportunities exist between us. We highly encourage all disadvantaged companies to participate. The following is a list of companies currently included in the Diversity Partnership Program: