NYEIS FAQ - CMA Consulting Services


How were municipalities and providers trained to use NYEIS?
Beginning September 2010 and ending September 2011, each municipality across NYS was scheduled for incremental training and launch of NYEIS. Each month, scheduled municipal staff received a 3 full day hands-on training and selected contracted provider staff received a 2 full day hands-on training. Additionally, 2 days of live instructor-led demonstration provider webinars were held during each month for those unable to participate in hands-on training.
What information did the live provider demonstration webinars cover?
The live provider webinar training sessions were divided into four 2.5 – 3 hour sessions each covering a specific area of NYEIS functionality.

Session 1: Navigation/Referrals/Case Management

Session 2: Evaluations

Session 3: IFSP and Service Authorizations

Session 4: Provider Financials

When will my municipality begin using NYEIS?
As of October 1, 2011, all municipalities (including the 5 boroughs of NYC) except Westchester and Suffolk have begun using NYEIS. The 2 remaining municipalities are scheduled to launch use of NYEIS on November 1, 2011.
How do I access NYEIS Production?
1. Log in to the Health Commerce System (HCS) at https://commerce.health.state.ny.us with your HIN or HPN UserID and password. We recommend you bookmark the HCS web page for future use.

2. First Log In ONLY: Look at your My Applications list on the left side of the HCS home page. If NYEIS Production is not listed there, select the Applications tab from the top menu bar. Select the letter “N” tab in the browse by section. Locate NYEIS (New York Early Intervention System) Production and click on the green circle with the plus sign on the right. You will be brought back to your HCS home page and NYEIS – Production will now be in your My Applications list.

3. Select NYEIS – Production from your My Applications list and click on the Login button.

4. When you’ve finished accessing NYEIS Production, click Log Out on the right of the top menu bar, click Log out on the next web page, click Close (the web page remains after clicking Close), and then click Logout on the HCS home page top menu bar.

5.If you use your web browser for functions other than NYEIS, you can have NYEIS appear in a new web browser by right clicking on NYEIS – Production under My Applications and selecting Open in New Window in the pop-up menu that will appear. This will start NYEIS in a new browser, leaving your current browser as it was. We recommend you use this approach. Please Note: Only users that have been loaded into NYEIS production will be allowed access. If you do not have access to NYEIS production and think you should, please contact the NYEIS Help Desk for assistance.

How can I get help using NYEIS after I have launched?
The NYEIS Help Desk is being operated by the System Integrator, CMA Consulting Services, and the Help Desk can be reached by phone or e-mail. Hours of operation and contact: Mon – Fri, 8:00 – 5:00, voicemail is available after hours. Phone: (518)640-8390 E-mail: NYEIS@cma.com
Beside hands-on training and webinars, what other NYEIS training opportunities are available?
The New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) Learning Management System (LMSnet) is an online educational tool developed by CMA Consulting Services that provides access to the NYEIS online tutorials and the NYEIS user manual. Users do not need an active Health Commerce System (HCS) Account to access LMSnet; however in order to access LMSnet users must first be registered.

Approximately 6 weeks prior to their launch increment, each municipality received directions on how users were able to self-register to access LMSnet. When self-registering, each LMSnet user selects the role that they believe they will have when loaded as a user into the NYEIS application. This role defines a training plan with recommended online tutorials that the user can view to assist in their NYEIS training. Online tutorials that are available in LMSnet but that do not appear in a training plan can still be viewed.