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NYEIS Targeted Resources

Assistive Technology Devices (ATD)

Assistive Technology Devices (ATD) Information and FAQs – Provides clarification on the process of creating and claiming for ATD in NYEIS.

Assistive Technology Devices Information and FAQs (PDF)

Case Management

Provides information on the case management functionality in NYEIS for the child homepage and integrated case homepage.

Case Management information and FAQs (PDF)


Provides clarification on the process of creating MultiDisciplinary Evaluations (MDEs) and Supplemental Evaluations from an IFSP in NYEIS.

Evaluations Information and FAQs (PDF)

Medicaid ETIN Form and Directions

Instructions for verifying NPIs with SDOH and on the submission of paperwork to CSC for NYEIS ETIN and electronic 835 requests.

Certification Statement DNC (PDF)

Electronic Remittance Request Form w uid (PDF)

L-Munis Cover Ltr-certification electronic remittance (Word)

Municipal Fiscal Webinar Resources

A supplement to the Targeted Fiscal Municipal Webinar that was held in November 2011. The resource document includes:

  • Workflow for Municipal Invoice Review
  • Workflow for Third Party Claiming
  • List of Medicaid Workable and Non-workable Denials
  • List of Medicaid Rejection Reasons
  • Sample Inbound Municipal Payment Reconciliation File

Municipal Fiscal Webinar Resources (PDF)

Municipal and User Administration

Provides information on the municipal and user administrative functions in NYEIS.

Municipal and User Administration Information and FAQs (PDF)

User Account Setup for Rendering Providers that also provide Service Coordination

Clarification on the creation of NYEIS Provider User Accounts for rendering providers that also provide service coordination.

Rendering Provider and SC Account Creation FAQs (PDF)

NYEIS Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Sample NYEIS Rendering Provider and SC User Account Creation (PDF)

NYEIS IFSP and Service Authorizations (SAs)

Provides a detailed outline of the existing NYEIS workflow and review processes in place for IFSPs and Service Authorizations (SAs) – added 9/11/2012.

NYEIS IFSP and Service Authorization Workflow and Review Process (PDF)

Provides clarification on IFSP and Service Authorization functionality in NYEIS.

IFSP and Service Authorization Information and FAQs (PDF)

Provider Management

Provides additional information on the provider management functionality in NYEIS.

Provider Management Information (Updated 6-27-2012) (PDF)

NYEIS Attached Documents

Obtaining National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) for All Providers: June 4, 2012, Email Regarding National Provider Identifier (NPI) Numbers – Provides detailed instructions on obtaining NPI numbers and entering them into NYEIS. This email was generated to assist providers and Counties in meeting the June 30, 2012, deadline for all providers, including teachers and service coordinators, to obtain NPI numbers and have them added into NYEIS.

NPIs_All Providers Email (PDF)

NPIs_All Providers Email Attachment (PDF)

Provider Electronic Billing

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding the NYEIS electronic billing feature and process.

Procedures for 5010 837P Claiming to NYEIS v 1.2 (PDF)

Request to Submit Electronic Claims to NYEIS (version 1-3) (PDF)

NYEIS Help Desk FAQ Provider Electronic Claiming (PDF)

837 Professional Companion Guide v1-12 (HIPAA 5010) (PDF)

Provider Invoicing

Provides information on creating invoices and claims directly in NYEIS.

Provider Invoicing Information and FAQs (PDF)

Service Coordination Claims

Provides information on entering service coordination claims in NYEIS.

NYEIS Service Coordination FAQs 2 (PDF)

Revising a provider’s name in NYEIS / Recording Student Intern records

NYEIS-Revising Names (Revised 2-14-2012) (PDF)

NYEIS-Entering Interns (Revised 8-08-2012) (PDF)

Third-Party Insurance

Provides information and frequently asked questions on third party insurance in NYEIS.

NYEIS Third Party Insurance Targeted Resource  (PDF)

Transfer and Transitions

Provides clarification on completing transfers and transitions in NYEIS.

Transfers and Transitions Information and FAQs (PDF)

Webinar Agenda

Targeted Training Webinar 2012-03-01 (PDF)