Chief Technical Architect Brian Dougherty traveled to London this week to help launch the new EMC rack-scale flash appliance, DSSD D5. CMA’s partnership with EMC allowed Dougherty to try DSSD months in advance.

Dougherty speaks at DSSD launch at EMC

“We’re running some of the most complex workloads in the world, but traditional flash couldn’t offer the performance or bandwidth we wanted to service our applications or analyze our data in real time,” said Dougherty. “DSSD D5 has fundamentally changed our business by eliminating unnecessary software, hardware and pre-processed batch jobs. With DSSD, we’re able to support applications and analytics at never-before-seen speeds; this is what enabled us to make the leap to this new generation of flash storage, and we’re not looking back.”

As part of EMC’s Quantum Leap release, DSSD aims to meet the storage demands of tomorrow. Dougherty cites the challenges found with large (and ever increasing) volumes of data and complex analytics environments, and how DSSD will help meet them.

“We will radically simplify our physical designs. We will get rid of that bloat, that performance bloat… and we will completely change how we build our clusters… It’s a very elegant, simple design.”

You can watch the keynote launch, including Dougherty’s remarks (1:19:00 in) online.

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CMA helps announce DSSD from EMC at a news conference at the New York Stock Exchange

CMA helps announce DSSD from EMC at a press event at the New York Stock Exchange