CMA Consulting Services is committed to continuous improvement within our organization. We’ve recently taken a few steps to maintain our high levels of excellence in project delivery.

CMA Establishes Market Leadership Organizational Model

As part of CMA’s continuous improvement program and our commitment to project delivery excellence within CMA’s Systems Integration (SI) division, we have adopted a new organizational model. The new model focuses on dedicated client service domains, with directors leading the way to offer comprehensive, tailored technology solutions.

Through this model, CMA currently offers project delivery expertise in five areas: Medicaid, Child Welfare, WIC, Early Intervention and Financial/HR Management. Each of these areas are led by national practice directors. In addition, CMA is establishing Technology Solutions Practices focused on Business Intelligence, Security and Mobile Solutions.

The practice directors directly support business development efforts and provide project oversight for all phases of the project. Their expertise includes understanding current and future client needs within their industry, and applying these insights to provide value to the client. In short, they bring the best management, technical, and business consulting resources to each client.

The revised organization structure supports a greater level of responsibility at each level, while maintaining efficiency and project delivery excellence. The new structure also establishes opportunity for promotion from project manager to project director.

The SI Division is led by Jim Van Avery, CMA’s national Managing Director with nearly 20 years of Tier 1 SI project delivery experience. Jim’s experience covers the public sector and spans across all of CMA’s practice domains and technology offerings.

CMA Holds Semi-Annual All Project Manager Meeting

This semi-annual meeting, held recently during late October, is an integral part of CMA’s Corporate Project Management Office (PMO) commitment to deliver high quality solutions for our clients. While CMA’s clients often have their own project management office and processes, CMA established its corporate project management office to provide CMA project managers with access to all of CMA’s corporate resources to facilitate project success.

Every project at CMA is reviewed on a monthly basis by the CMA Corporate PMO which includes key members of CMA’s Executive Team. In addition, every six months, all CMA Project Managers meet at CMA’s corporate headquarters for a two day meeting which includes: project reviews, recognition of accomplishments, best practice sharing, project execution advice, and updates on corporate initiatives and processes.

During the Fall 2015 meeting, CMA continued its embrace of the Project Management Institute methods for projects as the CMA standard methodology for project management. At CMA, many of the tools and techniques used in the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) such as Schedule Performance Indicators and Cost Performance Indicators have become standard practices.

Also announced during the Fall 2015 meeting were two new exciting initiatives that will be managed by the CMA Corporate PMO: the CMA Client Satisfaction Programs and the CMA Corporate Performance Measurement Program. The CMA Client Satisfaction Program will use interviews and surveys to obtain the “voice of the customer” and ensure CMA understands and is being responsive to our client’s needs. The CMA Corporate Performance Measurement Program will increase CMA’s internal operations through a structured means of measuring internal programs with an overarching goal of operational excellence to provide high value for our clients.

By continued support at the corporate level for CMA Project Managers, following industry recognized methods to monitor execution of projects, understanding the “voice of the customer” and ensuring internal corporate functions are performing to support project success, CMA continues on its path of Project Management excellence with a sole focus on customer success through the delivery of successful projects.

CMA’s Corporate Project Management is led by John Kazunas, PMP, who brings over 25 years of management, leadership and project management expertise to the CMA’s Corporate PMO.