The CMA Wade Rd. office embraced the holiday spirit this past week, facilitating a toy drive for “Toys From Tyler.

Christmas Toys

The annual “Toys From Tyler” drive is to honor the generous spirit of 6-year-old Tyler McIntyre who lost his life in a car accident. The toys go to CoNSERNS-U, a Catholic Charities service where Rensselaer County families in need can go to a Christmas store and pick out gifts for their kids.

Heather Purdy, part of CMA’s WIC team, got the building involved by coordinating things so those who wanted to participate could, and by arranging CMA’s Wade Rd. office as a drop-off location. The donation box ended up overflowing with toys, which were successfully picked up on 12/11.

For more information on this year’s “Toys From Tyler” drive, watch this segment from News Channel 10.

wten news channel 10 toys from tyler clip