In 2001, CMA developed the Arizona in Motion (AIM) program, a system to modernize and automate their WIC services. In 2002, AIM received the Arizona Governor’s Spirit of Excellence award, an award program charged with recognizing state agencies that employ innovative operational solutions resulting in improved customer service, increased productivity, and/or decreased costs for state government.

Today, CMA continues to work with Arizona to deliver the best automation services available for their WIC programs. The new web-based Health and Nutrition Delivery System (HANDS) launched on June 9, 2014 at the Mountain Park Health Center WIC Clinic in Tempe.

Karen Sell, R.D., Arizona WIC Program Director and Chief of the Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity at the Arizona Department of Health Services, said, “This innovative system provides for collection of program information in a participant-centered and conversational manner that is sure to be well-received by WIC clients and staff alike.”

The HANDS system will be introduced to other WIC clinics from now through December. Full implementation across the state will be completed by July 2015.