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CMA’s Big Data solutions span all industries. No matter what industry you work in, you may face many of the same problems with your large data sets. Our work uses the best techniques and technologies to help your analytics team efficiently answer their toughest questions. View the success stories listed above, or check out the following products and services to learn a bit more:

  • DART: Do your best analytics work with data transport optimization.
  • V3: Analytics are useful. Get started quickly and affordably.
  • MicroTerabyte: High performance, fully functional business intelligence platform
  • Data Warehouse: Supplying the deep elements required for effective business intelligence.
  • Infrastructure: Data Centers and more.
  • SHARP: Secure Healthcare Analytics & Resource Platform

What Do We Mean by Big?

Big Data has important, distinct qualities that differentiate it from “traditional” corporate data. Data is now no longer centralized, highly structured, or easily manageable; rather, data is highly distributed, loosely structured (if structured at all), and increasingly large in volume, variety, and how fast it is being created.

Traditional data warehouses and other data management tools are not up to the job of processing and analyzing Big Data in a time- or cost-efficient manner. This is because data must be organized into relational tables—neat rows and columns—before a traditional enterprise data warehouse can ingest it. Therefore, new ways of processing and analyzing Big Data are required.

CMA’s data solutions know how to work with Big Data. Our solutions are scalable, but we usually run and helped optimize multiple-terabyte and petabyte data warehouses.

Our Big Data Solutions

We work to:

  • Aggregate your data in one place
  • Establish relationships across your data
  • Provide fast access to critical data
  • Deliver flexible data reporting/analysis

Our service offerings include:

  • Project management & Integration
  • Data Modeling & Schema Architecture
  • Technical Design & Implementation
  • Data Extraction, Transformation & Load (ETL)
  • Application Design & Development
  • Meta Data Management

CMA has assisted our clients in improving operations and achieving cost reductions and revenue increases of several hundred million dollars by integrating mission critical data and providing tools to perform fast, flexible analysis for:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Mining
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Fraud Detection and Analysis
  • Ad-hoc & Standardized Queries

Big Data Technologies & Partners

We have a dedicated practice of trained professionals to provide data warehouse solutions, using CMA’s structured and proven methodology. Some of our technology partners include:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • EMC
  • HP