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Innovation That Matters

Enabling Quality Patient Outcomes; Improved Population Health; Reduced Costs; and Enhanced Health Equity

Advance and Sustain Desired Outcomes

As society’s health ecosystem transitions to higher-value business models, stakeholders will require timely and secure access to broad sets of data and actionable insights.

Enable Smart Strategies

CMA provides an array of tightly integrated offerings, which enable the transformational strategies of clients across the health and human services continuum.

Skilled Professionals

CMA workers expertise in health industrySuccessful IT projects require the orchestration of people, processes, and technologies. In the case of innovative projects within the heath sector, it’s important that project teams possess a balance of technical expertise and industry domain experience.

CMA employs more than 450 professionals, a significant percentage of whom have deep experience working within the health care provider, payer, and regulatory sectors.

Our staff possess expertise working with many industry leading solutions and tools, coupled with strong technical skills and experience leveraging CMA’s proven and repeatable project management methods to facilitate client business value.

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