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Public Sector: Child Welfare

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Our team experience offers tremendous depth and breadth in child protection and enables CMA to deliver business and automation solutions based on proven methods and technologies.

CMA has over 10 years of state automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) Project experience in two large States, Texas and New York. Moreover, the professionals working in CMA’s Child Welfare Practice have worked on SACWIS projects collectively in at least 13 other states.

The listed business function solutions are a sample of our Child Welfare project experience.

  • Contact Detail Enhancements
  • Mobile Protective Services (MPS) Solution
  • Risk Assessment Enhancements
  • Safety Assessment Enhancements
  • Medical History / Medical Passport / Interface Enhancements
  • Kinship Care Solution
  • External Provider Access to SACWIS Solution
  • Family Group Decision Service Plan Solution
  • Digital Picture Storage Solution
  • I-MARC – Contract Management System
  • CLASSMate – Mobile Licensing Solution
  • Agency Home Tracking
  • Public Provider Portal and Reports
  • Fostering Connections Enhancements
  • Provider Licensing Enhancements
  • Person Records Management Enhancements
  • National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD)

Spotlight: mCPS and mRPI

mCPS (mobile Child Protective Services) and mRPI (mobile Resource/Provider Inspection) document everything you can capture on your device.

Child welfare workers are the most efficient when untied from their office workstation. Field work happens frequently, and it happens fast.

Imagine a system that allows these workers to capture all the documentation they need out in the field. Whatever their mobile device can record (notes, handwriting, voice, signatures, and more) can be seamlessly brought back to the main system).

The field worker can concentrate on doing their work, not recording their work.

Maximum Mobility for Child Welfare Workers

Findings show that CPS workers feel more productive, effective, and capable of delivering higher quality service with these added resources.

  • Complete your investigation in the field
  • Capture notes, handwriting, voice, signatures, and more
  • No connectivity required
  • No changes to your core system