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Public Sector: Financial/HR Management

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CMA excels at merging HR activities and processing with efficient and well-designed information technology systems. What’s more, we excel at doing this within the public sector environment. We have an entire suite of software system products built specifically for government implementation, the HRnet suite:

HRISnet: Automates the processing of standard HR transactions and interfaces with personnel and payroll systems, as well as simplifies rarely performed administrative tasks.

LATSnet: Automates the manual processes of tracking employee leave, attendance, and labor distribution.

LMSnet: Managing and tracking educational programs: attendees, courses, instructors, resources, training plans, email notifications, prerequisites, and course evaluations.

These highly-configurable products support CMA’s belief that tailored products are more efficient for our clients.

Aside from our software products, CMA also excels at other IT services offered within the public sector Financial and HR Management area. We’ve implemented many ERP solutions across New York State in this sector, achieving key business benefits such as improved financial controls, enhanced availability and value of data to different stakeholder groups, streamlined business processes, and elimination of redundant systems.

Practice Director: Russell Mallon

Russ Mallon: ERP Practice Lead at CMAHaving come from industry with over 15 plus years of both Finance and Human Resources Administrative leadership positions, Russ has a unique understanding of back office operations related to Finance and Administration (HR and IT). It is this experience that has allowed Russ to assist clients in complex solution architecture related to public sector financial, accounting and human resource systems integration.

Russ has excellent leadership skills and a senior level emotional maturity quotient that is key to the successful management of the highly skilled complex and dispersed teams that have a stake in systems implementation. It is this type of motivational skills and knowledge complimented by over 15 years of PeopleSoft-Oracle experience that puts Russ in the unique position of leading CMA’s ERP practice.

Russ has a track record of building lasting relationships and has served as a trusted advisor to many folks in senior management positions in both industry and in the public sector. While Russ has specialized in financials implementations, those implementations have typically involved an HCM component, integration with payroll as well as HR and Time and labor solutions. While with PeopleSoft, Russ served in a leadership capacity for the Professional Services Solution (PSA) or Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) Solutions as a result of his deep understanding of cost accounting and back office processes that typically drive contract billing and revenue recognition, as well as project based cost tracking.

Russ typically gets involved in the most challenging implementations, is dedicated and has often assisted in getting clients over their most critical challenges related to transactional processing and financial reporting. Russ has had his PMP since 2006 and been a member of PMI since 2001. He also has a certification in PSFT Compass methodology and has held various product certifications in PSFT in the earlier stages of his career. Russ also holds an MBA in Finance and an undergraduate degree in Political Science with a focus in public administration and economics.