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CMA is the largest privately-owned IT Systems Integrator serving the WIC community. We have more than 25 years successfully implementing WIC systems.

Since its creation in 1972, states have sought to improve public health services through efficient administration of WIC. The mission of WIC is to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk. WIC provides nutritious foods to supplement diets, nutrition education, and referrals to health care and other social services.

CMA’s WIC Solutions Practice

Within our formalized WIC Solutions Practice, CMA has become a nationally recognized leader in providing solutions for WIC programs. A variety of CMA-developed applications are currently in use by more than 70,000 end users. Our WIC systems include:

  • WIC certification & enrollment
  • Finance data reconciliation
  • FNS-798 creation
  • Vendor & food management
  • Nutrition education
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Program integrity
  • Fraud detection
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

CMA’s WIC automation systems have yielded significant benefits to state and local Agency staff, reduced costs, helped increase participation levels, and substantially improved the delivery of services to the WIC participants, which highlights CMA’s leadership role in WIC system development and implementation.

We are leading the way with fully integrated solutions for WIC and public health programs. These solutions strictly adhere to Federal and State mandates for the efficient use of available program resources, flexible functionality, and the use of proven high-order software technologies.

CMA Resources for WIC

The strength of our company is our employees and the relationships we develop with our customers. Our success in implementing WIC systems is built on a foundation of understanding our customer’s needs.

We use leading-edge technology automation tools including Oracle, Visual Basic, .NET, wireless AirLAN, Web-enabled user interfaces, and computer-based training, which allow us to create the best integrated WIC software solutions available.

WIC Experience

Arizona: In Arizona, we currently launched HANDS, an upgrade to the previous Arizona In Motion (AIM) system (which CMA also built).

Arizona—Navajo Nation: CMA is implementing the Arizona System with the Arizona Department of Health Services in the Navajo Nation in June of 2009. They serve approximately 12,500 participants a month.

Arizona—American Samoa: CMA implemented the Arizona System with the Arizona Department of Health Services in American Samoa in June of 2008. They serve approximately 7,000 participants a month.

Arizona—Northern Mariana Islands: CMA implemented the Arizona System with the Arizona Department of Health Services in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands in October of 2008. They serve approximately 4,000 participants a month.

Hawaii: The Hawaii WIC system services over 33,000 participants in the 16 local agencies from all five islands. Hawaii began MICR printing of food instruments in 2002.

Maryland: CMA partnered with Lockheed Martin to develop a functionally rich solution for Maryland statewide. CMA continues to support the Oracle database, the Financial and Vendor Management modules, and the custom-developed End-of-Day fiscal intermediary processing. Their WIC solution services approximately 108,000 participants.

Virginia: We created an Integrated Public Health Model to fulfill Virginia’s need for an integrated, client-based approach for managing public health data. Our solution provides current public health information to agency staff statewide. The WIC-NET solution services approximately 132,000 participants.

Guam: The Guam solution included a successful transfer of the Maine System, as well as a technology upgrade. Guam has been fully operational since 1994. CMA successfully implemented the Arizona (AIM) system in Guam February 2009.

Maine: Our original WIC solution was implemented in the State of Maine. This undertaking provided us with an opportunity to design a modular WIC system that would be easy to deploy while being configurable to each state’s policies, procedures, and management practices. Our WIC solution for Maine serves approximately 23,000 participants. We have continued to enhance the Maine WIC System.

New Jersey: CMA currently supports the New Jersey WIC application since being awarded the maintenance, modification, and enhancement of the System in 2003. The Central application is hosted at the CMA Central Operation’s center in Latham. The New Jersey WIC Program services approximately 171,000 participants a month.