HANDS: Select Modern WIC MIS: EBT & Mobile-Friendly

HANDS Mobile- and Device-Friendly Support For Participant-Centered Services for WIC

The Health And Nutrition Delivery System (HANDS) by CMA supports participant-centered services for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs.

HANDS is a flexible and customizable system that is operational in five state agencies.

HANDS is EBT operational and complies with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which mandates that states provide EBT to clients by Oct. 1, 2020.

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Why Choose HANDS?

You can expect many benefits by choosing HANDS. Here are a few:

HANDS is the most current, custom-built WIC application in the nation. Features include:

  • HANDS is modular to suit the needs of every user. The stability and reliability of HANDS ensures ease-of-use and reduced data entry, thereby increasing clinic productivity.
  • HANDS uses a reliable and time-tested data structure that serves more than 20 percent of the national caseload.
  • HANDS provides an Appointment Module that is loved and used by the clinics.
  • HANDS provides effective and accurate caseload, participation, rebate, and financial reports.

How HANDS Works

HANDS screen shots on various mobile devices

Functional Highlights:

  • Participant-Centered Clinic Module
  • EBT Operations
  • Vendor Authorization and Management Module with complimentary Retailer Web Application
  • Commodity Supplemental Food Program
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Seniors Farmers’ Market
  • 70+ accurate reports, with extractable report data for further analysis
  • Fully operational FNS-798 Report
  • Program Integrity

See HANDS in Action

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