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MicroTerabyte Fully-functional analytics infrastructure for Business Intelligence.

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After installing MicroTerabyte, HHS-Connect‘s database performance improved more than 10x from the previous platform.

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MicroTerabyte is a pre-built, pre-configured, and packaged enterprise class MicroTerabyte platform.

CMA developed MicroTerabyte to address advanced Business Intelligence analysis. The MicroTerabyte solution integrates best-of-breed commercial technology with CMA software and expertise to create a high performance, fully-functional business intelligence platform. Enterprise class server, software, and networking components are fully-integrated, pre-configured, and optimized to support analysis of large, complex data sets. This packaged “data warehouse in a box” solution reduces integration risk, accelerates project delivery, and is scalable to meet your current and future reporting and analysis needs.

Purpose Built for Oracle RAC Clusters

This turn-key infrastructure solution combines best-of-breed hardware and software technology with CMA expertise to create a high performance, fully functional Oracle RAC database platform.

CMA has leveraged more than ten years experience building award-winning, multi-terabyte data warehouse solutions in the design and construction of the MicroTerabyte platform. Built on powerful enterprise class technology, the product is architected to deliver a balanced, symmetrical platform that is optimized to provide the proper ratio of hardware computing resources (e.g., processor, disk I/O, memory, and interconnected bandwidth) to each tier in the solution. This engineering delivers cutting-edge performance at a reasonable cost using commodity-based hardware components. As a pre-configured, fully-integrated product, MicroTerabyte dramatically reduces the technical complexity and risk associated with a build-out of a comprehensive, enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence platform.

Guiding Design Principles

Understanding the importance of delivering top performance, controlling costs, allowing scalability, and managing delivery risk, CMA focused on these key principles in the design of the MicroTerabyte platform.

  • Speed-of-thought analysis
  • Low-cost hardware platform, incrementally scalable in building block fashion
  • Pre-configured architecture allows early focus on delivering business value

Advantages: Affordable and Scalable

  • Our architecture support incremental growth without the need for large capital expenses.
  • Scalability—Growth when the data and business need it.
  • No database licensing costs for additional processing cores or hardware to increase performance.
  • Built and designed to optimize conventional Enterprise Class “commodity” hardware, which further reduces cost.
  • Green Technology architecture provides data center savings in floor space, power consumption, cooling requirements and operational overhead and maintenance.
  • No costly licensing fees associated with setting up development, testing and disaster recovery environments.

Advantages: Risk Reduction

CMA’s MicroTerabyte solution reduces project risk from several perspectives:

  • Accelerates project schedule by leveraging pre-configured server and storage technology.
  • Eliminates much of the complexity associated with detailed configuration, engineering, and tuning activities.


Depending on the size of the solution, MicroTerabyte is delivered in a single or multiple rack configuration. Within the cabinet, a series of modules—constructed from enterprise class hardware and software components—deliver the core functional elements of a business intelligence platform.