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For more than a decade, CMA has been helping customers successfully build high-performance, large-scale database platforms. See our NYS DOH Medicaid Data Warehouse & Analytics success story to learn more.

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Purpose Built for Big Data Analytics

V3 (V-cubed) is a unique offloading platform that is engineered to capitalize on the power of HP’s Vertica Analytics Platform, the leading data analytics tool, to provide a cost effective and seamless solution to Big Data needs.

CMA’s technical team has recognized the trends and dynamics of change in the Big Data marketplace. We have invested a significant amount of research and development into the V3 platform, which address increases in the following.

  • Velocity: The speed in which data is accumulated
  • Volume: The size and scope of the data being produced
  • Variety: The massive array of data and types (structured and unstructured)

Our goal is to leverage new disruptive technologies to offer our customers a high performance data analytics environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional relational database management system methods and technologies.

We install preconfigured Hardware (HP) and Software (HP Vertica & Hortonworks Hadoop) in your data center. V3 is ready to work with your existing infrastructure. We optimize today’s leading analytics software and built on commodity hardware to provide a complete solution.

One of the most valuable advantages of V3 is the functionality of CMA’s DART. This software enables customers to load the HP Vertica Database easily and seamlessly. With DI Suite, there is no need for additional programming or manually moving hundreds of files and tables.

V3 logo: Velocity, variety, and variety makes big dataAdvantages: Affordable and Scalable

  • Provides an affordable, value-based entry point into Big Data analytics.
  • Our architecture support incremental growth without the need for large capital expenses.
  • Scalability—Growth when the data and business need it.
  • No database licensing costs for additional processing cores or hardware to increase performance.
  • Built and designed to optimize conventional Enterprise Class “commodity” hardware, which further reduces cost.
  • Green Technology architecture provides data center savings in floor space, power consumption, cooling requirements and operational overhead and maintenance.
  • No costly licensing fees associated with setting up development, testing and disaster recovery environments.

V3 Big Data Analytics via data intelligence will enable your organization to access business critical information in support of annual budgeting, business analysis, and management reporting functions. Position your data an asset of your business or program and become a “data driven” decision based organization.