The New York IT Leadership Academy is the premier leadership event for New York’s senior level technology executives. It’s intent is to improve their management and business skills and to develop the IT leaders of the future.

Executive Vice President Ken Romanski was an industry representative on the conference’s Advisory Board, and Chief Technical Architect Brian Dougherty was a speaker.

The purpose of this invitation-only event is to foster discussion and dialogue on what it means to be a successful CIO in the public sector and how to use Information Technology as a strategic tool. This event is a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity for government and industry executives to brainstorm how the latest technology trends can help transform government.

Dougherty spoke during the, “Sailing the Perfect Storm of Data Trends” session. BI and analytics as we know it is experiencing a rapid transformation, driven by a perfect storm of technology, environment, and modern business needs. Expectations are high as businesses and citizens are being enabled to intuitively and freely explore data to gain new business insights that are timely and relevant. The session explored NYS strategies for addressing our modern BI business data transformation ‘perfect storm’ through a modern risk mitigation build-out strategy that is based on use case driven platforms. Speakers included: Douglass Ross (Vice President, State & Local Government and Education/Research, SAP Public Services), Lacey R. Keller (Director of Research and Analytics, Office of the Attorney General, New York State), and Derek Werthmuller (Director of Technology Innovation and Services, Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany, SUNY).

The session featured:

  • Industry trends shaping the data landscape including the application of the strategies toward implementing the NYS Medicaid Data Warehouse.
  • Data visualization strategies used by the Center for Technology in Government’s (CTG) Summer Lab in working with Health Data NY.
  • Strategies for analyzing NYS open government data from the Attorney General’s Research Division to better inform citizens and monitor government decision making.

The conference took place in Albany, NY on April 20-21, 2016.

Brian Dougherty presents at the NY IT Academy in 2016