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Cloud Computing Plan Your Voyage into the Cloud. Then Take Off.

Businesses and organizations look to cloud computing to meet a variety of IT challenges. In particular, CMA believes that the high-value areas of cloud computing include content delivery systems, disaster recovery infrastructure, and test and development environments.

To assist organizations looking to benefit from these high-value areas of the cloud, CMA offers the following:

Why Choose Cloud Computing?

CMA advocates cloud computing as a viable option to meet many business challenges.

  • Reduce IT expenditures (cost efficiency)
  • Develop new collaborative and data sharing initiatives
  • Achieve scalability with high performance
  • Control your application environment
  • Be governance and compliance ready

Cloud Services

The cloud environments designed and implemented by CMA are secure, flexible, and elastic. CMA offers:

  • Evaluating traditional services to make them “cloud ready”
  • Readiness assessments
  • Operational evaluations
  • Private & corporate cloud implementation
  • Hybrid cloud implementation
  • Security monitoring
  • Cloud operations management

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