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Data Warehouse Supplying the deep elements required for effective business intelligence.

View a Data Warehouse success story:

New York State needed to better manage their annual $50 Billion Medicaid Program to improve fiscal oversight, program integrity and control fraud and waste through improved big data management and enhanced analytics. We helped them do this with the New York DOH Medicaid Warehouse.

And New York City needed to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse with extensive reporting and analytical capabilities. CMA helped: HRA, And Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytics Case Study.

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Data Warehouse Methodology

At CMA, we have a proprietary Data Warehouse Methodology for creating large-scale, multi-terabyte data warehouse systems that we’ve developed and matured over several years of formal practice.

Our methodology consists of a flexible component-based approach to the design of the data warehouse, which is always solidly built to meet our customer’s business requirements.

CMA develops an insightful understanding of our customer’s needs; then translates that into an architecture that provides optimal performance and flexibility.

Data Warehouse Professionals

CMA has more than 125 data warehouse professionals dedicated to our practice. These professionals support commercial and public sector organizations that need enterprise-wide data warehouse systems. We have perfected data mining techniques to deliver the exact information these organizations need to make business decisions and save money.

Data Warehouse Services

CMA provides:

  • Development & Operations
  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL (extract, transform, load)
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling

Date Warehouse Experience

CMA’s experience includes data warehouse projects for the following organizations:

  • NYS Department of Health (See our Success Story)
  • NYS Office of the Attorney General
  • New York City Human Resources Administration
  • NYS Department of Labor
  • NYC Comptroller’s Office
  • New York Independent System Operator
  • Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan
  • Trizetto Group