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Encryption & Security

CMA has its own security consulting practice to enhance your business operations, provides secure, world-class, Tier III and above data centers for your hosting needs, and has partnered with Encryptics to bring you protection for all your important messages and attachments.

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Security Consulting

Our IT Security Consulting practice partners with you to help build effective security programs that protect your infrastructure assets and enhance your business operations. Our security consultants possess comprehensive and broad industry expertise, and offer services across multiple IT security disciplines including compliance, data protection, encryption, application services, risk management, identity and access management, cyber security, cloud, and incident planning and response. CMA employs some of the most sophisticated security assessment tools in the industry, and makes use of the latest threat intelligence and countermeasures to help you build effective, efficient security programs. Service offerings include:

HIPAA/HITECH Assessments

CMA can provide assessment and scorecard risk-ranking services for your technology environment in preparation for CMS HIPAA/HITECH compliance audits.

Environment and Physical Design Security Assessments

Based on your custom policy and physical design requirements, CMA can assess your environment for security weaknesses, risk and compliance, and provide guidance for optimizing infrastructure implementations or platforms.

Implementation of NIST 800-53 Security and Privacy Controls

Using industry-standard NIST 800-53 guidance, CMA can augment your existing data security control framework using controls specifically designed to mitigate, reduce, or eliminate data security risks.

Encryption Assessment & Design Services

Using the newest best-of-breed technologies, CMA can provide design and assessment services to assist you with implementing the strongest possible encryption methodologies to reduce your risk of breach or unexpected data exposures across all data channels.

Other Federal or State Compliance Requirements

As needed, CMA can assist you with assessing your environment as you prepare for a variety of compliance needs in the healthcare sector, including assessing Omnibus, Meaningful Use Stages 1, 2 and 3, JCAHO Standards, and NYSDOH DSRIP SSP compliance maturity.


As partners, CMA and Encryptics develop and deliver flexible security solutions that fit seamlessly into any existing environment. We specialize in rapid enterprise deployment and currently service public and private organizations.

Encryptics for Email

Encryptics for Email works seamlessly with your existing email provider to protect all of your important messages and attachments.

Send corporate IP (intellectual property), personal data, legal docs, financial information, medical records, and more anywhere in the world—we’ll protect your valuable data assets no matter where they go. Our trusted Peer-to-Peer and .SAFE technology keeps unauthorized users out, so you never have to worry about hacks or leaks.

Device Level Encryption

Device Level Encryption means your data is secured as soon as you hit Send—before leaving your device. This way, your data is never “up for grabs” as it travels through cyberspace. Once secured, your data is delivered directly to its destination without ever passing through our servers.

Data Rights Management (DRM)

We believe that no matter where it resides, your data always belongs to you. That’s why we provide DRM to keep you in control of your data—even after it leaves your possession. With DRM, recipients won’t be able to access, alter, download, or share your data unless you allow it.

Policy Based Protection (PBP)

PBP is an add-on that works with Encryptics for Email to prevent data loss. Turn on standard security policies (or create your own) and PBP will automatically encrypt all outgoing messages and attachments that match your criteria. This way, data protection is built right into your normal workflow—you can enjoy all the security of Encryptics without having to push an extra button. Simply send email as usual, and BPB will scan for key phrases such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or any other data you want to keep private.

You can set up PBP as a training tool to provide guidance when handling sensitive data, or you can keep it running out of sight in the background. Either way, PBP will provide valuable metrics that can be used to bolster your overall security posture.