State Medicaid Agencies & T-MSISStates are well on their way to adapting the new extract format and frequency mandate for the Medicaid Statistics Information System (MSIS).

T-MSIS, or the Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System, expands the MSIS extract process, with the objectives of acquiring robust, timely, and accurate data to ensure the highest financial and program performance, supporting policy analysis and ongoing improvement, identifying potential fraud and waste, and to enable data-driven decision making.

CMA is working closely on the NYS implementation of T-MSIS to help design, develop, and test the new solution. NYS is both a leading state and beta tester for T-MSIS version 2.0, and is on schedule to be fully implemented by December 31, 2017.

CMA has extensive experience in the Medicaid realm. One of our flagship projects is the New York State Medicaid Data Warehouse.

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