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Developing In-Depth Program Knowledge of Child Welfare Policy & Process

CMA has worked with Child Welfare Agencies in Texas for the past 12 years completing dozens of successful initiatives in that time. These initiatives include supporting a wide range of Child Welfare program goals. We’ve completed many key business process enhancement projects while maintaining ongoing production operations.

The CMA Team has developed in-depth program knowledge of Child Welfare policy and process while analyzing, researching, building and working side by side with members of the state’s program areas. As a result, we have also developed a deep understanding of the data foundation upon which all of the business processes rely. Many of these successful implementations over the past 10+ years were on technologies disparate from the core technologies of the SACWIS system, yet they are fully integrated within the eco-system of solutions. Our team’s experience developing award-winning integrated solutions that have differing levels of interoperability will reduce modernization integration risks.

CMA has, in cooperation with Texas, pioneered the development of tablet-based mobile systems and in Java-based development of fully web-enabled Child Welfare systems.

CMA’s Systems Integration division has a long track record of delivering business and technical value to our clients who administer Child Welfare programs. Our extensive experience and practice focusing on State agency health and human service solutions, together with the depth of capabilities on modernized application development platforms, establishes us as an industry leading organization that will assure delivery success meeting all the business and technical objectives.

Results and Reviews

Findings show that CPS workers feel more productive, effective, and capable of delivering higher-quality service with these added resources.

  • 76% reported an increase in documentation timeliness since receiving a tablet solution.
  • 63% of CPS caseworkers reported an increase in documentation quality since receiving a tablet solution.
  • 90% of respondents reported that they were “very pleased” with the overall performance of their tablet solution.

“I did a removal and placed a child in a foster home over an hour from the office, after business hours. The foster mom needed the child’s Medicaid number. Instead of having to wait until the next day when I got back to the office, and then maybe forgot), I was able to look it up on IMPACT on my tablet in her home. It really helped a lot!!” – CPS Caseworker

“I was just going to let you know that since getting (the solution), I have completely caught up… (the solution) is alifesaver. I have NEVER been completely caught up and it feels really good.” – CPS Caseworker

A Long History of Child Welfare Program Support

  • Person Enhancements
  • Risk/Safety Assessment Enhancements
  • Mobile Protective Services Enhancements
  • Kinship Care Stage
  • Medical History/Passport
  • External Provider Access to IMPACT
  • Family Group Decision Service Plan
  • Mobile Application for Child Care Licensing (CLASSMate)Integrated Management and Reporting for Contracts (iMARC)
  • Conservatorship (CVS)
  • Resource Directory Enhancements
  • Fostering Connections Enhancements
  • Licensing Enhancements
  • National Youth in Transition DB (NYTD)
  • Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC)
  • Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE)