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HHS-Connect Performance improved more than 10x from the previous platform.

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In support of New York City government, HHS-Connect is an integration platform that links the information operations of the nine agencies comprising the City’s vast health and human services domain. These agencies combined serve about 2 million people with services ranging from corrections and probation, to health, mental hygiene, public hospitals, to Medicaid, Medicare, child protective services and services for the aging. HHS-Connect is the platform that architects for safety, self-sufficiency and economy in the provisioning of the City’s health and human services.

CMA’s Solution

When NYC wanted to improve its ability to rapidly process this vast amount of data, it turned to CMA for a solution. CMA was selected to provide an enterprise platform, CMA’s MicroTerabyte solution, to support the database environments of HHS-Connect, thereby addressing critical performance issues inherent in the original technology infrastructure.

Our Results

CMA’s MicroTerabyte solution exceeded expectations. After installation, performance improved more than 10x from the previous platform.