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Government Needs to Efficiently Manage its Workforce

All businesses and organizations need to manage their workforce efficiently. That’s just a good practice.

But when the government does business, every process is monitored. Justifications of every dollar spent are always needed. While excesses certainly do exist, they can be curbed when possible, and we offer a tool to help you do just that.

Staffing challenges associated with present fiscal realities is a challenge confronting every entity in New York State. These challenges also present an opportunity to evaluate how services are presently provided and to adopt new approaches that will achieve increased efficiency and economy.

Measurements are a way of life for governments of all sizes. From state and local all the way to the federal level justifying expenses and monitoring every dollar is the standard. CMA provides governments with the tool necessary to simplify their employee management needs.

An HR Management Solution Built For Government

CMA built our HRnet suite of software for government. We have implemented many solutions from our HRnet software suite across New York State.

HRnet is a suite of three products: HRISnet, LATSnet, and LMSnet, which can be used together or separately. This suite provides a “wall-to-wall” solution, covering traditional HR and payment information, attendance, leave and accrual rule definitions and enforcement, and training scheduling and tracking. All applications in the suite integrate seamlessly with each other or can stand alone, depending on the customer’s needs. In addition, each product is easy to configure through user interface pages and system parameters. The result is a comprehensive solution intended to meet your HR needs.

Streamline HR & Payroll Processing Activities

HRISnet is a broad reaching, Web-based application that streamlines HR and payroll processing activities for NYS agencies. By interfacing with the State control agencies Department of Civil Service (DCS) and Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), HRISnet can reduce overhead by allowing users to enter appointment and related transactions into a single system and then feed those transactions to NYSTEP and PayServ. HRISnet provides agencies with a system they control to manage data that is important to their individual functional area and mission.

Having access to the data in HRISnet allows agencies to report, plan, and account for people and functions in a single system. HRISnet also can be leveraged to feed data to existing agency specific sub-systems and can interface with LATSnet or LMSnet, both CMA products.

NYS HRnet Customers

More than 40 NYS government customers use one or more products in our HRnet suite, including:

  • NYS Office of General Services
  • NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
  • NYS Department of Labor
  • NYS Worker’s Compensation Board
  • NYS Higher Education Services Corp.
  • NYS Division of the Budget
  • NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  • NYS Department of Health
  • NYS Division of Motor Vehicles
  • NYS Department of State
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
  • NYS Insurance Department
  • NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
  • NYS Division of the Lottery
  • NYS Office of the Attorney General
  • NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • NYS Department of Corrections
  • NYS Office of Children and Family Services
  • NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • NYS Division of Human Rights
  • NYS Department of Transportation
  • NYS Office for Technology/CIO
  • NYS Banking Department
  • NYS State Education Department
  • NYS Department of Civil Service
  • NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets
  • NYS Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • NYS State Police
  • NYS Office for the Aging
  • NYS Veterans’ Homes
  • NYS Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene
  • NYS Commission on Public Authority
  • NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations
  • NYS Department of Public Service
  • NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General
  • NYS Office of Mental Health