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Verisk Health is now known as Verscend.

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DART (Formerly known as the Data Ingestion Suite)

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Verisk Health, a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, provides enterprise analytics and reporting systems to health insurers, provider organizations and self-insured employers.

These organizations use Verisk Health’s healthcare business intelligence solutions to review their data, including information on claims, membership, providers and utilization analyses.

Verisk Health provides their customers with a competitive advantage by combining clinical and analytical expertise with technology and services, resulting in timely data-driven decisions that benefit bottom lines and support strategic goals.

Business Case

Verisk Health became increasingly concerned about the costs of using a legacy RDBMS for the healthcare analytics platforms provided to over 175 customers. Also, the effort to administer the hundreds of associated OLAP databases was becoming an increasing problem that required a solution to address increases in the volume of data, user workload, and number of customers who were also stressing the analytical processing capabilities of their hardware and software foundation.

Verisk Health also realized that to improve the currency and business value of the information to their clients and to successfully execute such a large migration effort in a timely manner, they had to look hard at the data movement technologies, homegrown and COTS, that they used to refresh the analytical sandboxes.

While recognizing the magnitude and risk of implementing such comprehensive changes in the technology underpinnings of their healthcare analytics line of business, Verisk Health also understood a strategic IT initiative was necessary to support planned growth in their analytics capabilities and to continue to succeed and profit in the crowded and competitive field of healthcare analytics.

The Solution

Verisk Health developed a comprehensive plan to evaluate other best-of breed options in the RDBMS and data movement tool markets. This plan included having vendors of products under evaluation conduct proof of concepts at Verisk Health using their technologies and the source data used to refresh Verisk Health’s analytical sandboxes.

After a thorough evaluation of market choices, using criteria such as cost, performance, and ease of use, Verisk Health selected HP Vertica, Hewlett Packard’s MPP database, and CMA‘s DART (patent pending, formerly known as the Data Ingestion Suite) for Big Data to provide a path to the Big Data analytics critical to the company’s continued growth and success.

The Results

“With CMA’s Data Ingestion Suite, Verisk Health was able to reduce data extraction, transport and refresh times in aggregate by up to 90% from times achieved by proof of concepts.

Specifically, using Data Ingestion Suite we were able to refresh a Vertica-based analytical database designed for one of our largest clients with over 1.4 TB of operational source data in 2 hours. This is in stark comparison to the 15-20 hours that the other two data movement products under evaluation took to achieve an identical refresh.

This measure of increased performance is critical to our time-sensitive migration to Vertica as the new relational database foundation for the healthcare analytics capabilities that are the lifeblood of our company. Also, Data Ingestion Suite’s functionality and the decreased load times achieved with this excellent product will enable us to refresh our hundreds of client-specific analytical databases on a more frequent basis, dramatically increasing the business value of the information to our customers”

Jim Krieger, Medical Intelligence Architect
Verisk Health – Enterprise Analytics