AZ WIC Extends HANDS Contract

CMA to further manage the successful WIC Management Information System HANDS under new Arizona contract.

HANDS 2.0CMA and the Arizona WIC consortium are extending their partnership with a new 3+2 year contract. Seven years ago, CMA created HANDS to address changes in program requirements and to update the design and technology of the WIC MIS. CMA has been administering HANDS ever since.

The planned updates to HANDS include the following.

  • Built-in, role-based dashboards will be available for master, breastfeeding, appointment, vendor, and certification users that provide visibility into workload processes and participant demographics.
  • Implementation of CMA's WIC Analytics solution provides enhanced data visualizations for all matters of program management.  
  • Customizable Themes allow each user to choose their color rendering of the entire application to either blue, orange or green with a simple click.
  • HANDS 2.0 will offer multi-language support allowing a user to change the language presentation on the fly rather than requiring a profile setting or administrative change.
  • HANDS 2.0 will provide touring capabilities that introduce new users to key features and application navigation with detailed walk-throughs and explanations.

In addition to our work on HANDS, CMA has created many WIC tools, used by various states. These include the WIC+ Participant Portal, WIC VendorWeb Portal, and WIC Analytics.

CMA and Arizona WIC consortium have partnered since 2001 when CMA was chosen to create AIM.

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