Testimonials From CMA's Interns

Interested in hearing from a few former interns about their experiences with spring/summer co-op sessions at CMA? They are happy to share with you.

From Jack Blanchard, Marketing Intern (Siena)

I am very happy to have interned with CMA for over a year. I have enjoyed getting to know many wonderful people. From day one, I felt welcome and also trusted. Over the course of the internship I was able to create content, work on social media campaigns, attend meetings, help with the redesign of cma.com, and actually contribute to the company. I learned many different valuable skills and lessons throughout the course of the internship, and gained knowledge in areas I didn’t even know existed. CMA is a great place to work, and I would certainly recommend this internship for students that want to learn about various aspects of marketing and business. I will forever be appreciative to CMA for this opportunity, and will certainly keep in touch after my internship is over!

From Marshall Shortledge, WIC Software Developer (RPI)

Internships can be very hit or miss in terms of the responsibilities placed upon you and the interaction with the team and company. CMA is very much a hit. Right away I was interacting with the team, implementing features, fixing bugs, asking questions, and seeing results. There was always something for me to do but I never felt stressed about it. Everyone in the company is very friendly and I was actually excited to go to work in the morning. Working at CMA gave me the skills and knowledge that no classroom could. It was a priceless experience that I would recommend taking if you have the opportunity.

From Alex Hart, State WIC Developer Intern (RPI)

Working for CMA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. From gaining indispensable technical knowledge to forming professional relationships, my time here at CMA has positively benefitted me as a person. Being given work that directly impacted the projects I was a part of has challenged me individually to grow and pick up on new skills faster than ever before in my life. The feeling of community is the thing I will miss most about CMA, because working alongside such genuine peers made me truly feel like part of the family.

From Ben Wagner, Market Research Intern (RPI)

When accepting this Co-op at CMA I had no clue what to expect as it was my first “real work experience.” Working a Co-op at CMA definitely beat my expectations, as my work was well received and actually used. I met many great people. I did not feel pressured beyond reason. I learned much about Marketing as well as many other business subjects, such as Finance, and my boss was very supportive and kind to me. Overall I don’t think there could have been many better ways to really get myself exposed to real world business than an eight-month Co-op, especially when the company really puts value on those that work for it. What I realized from doing a Co-op was that a three month internship is actually almost no time to really get to know the company and work they do. This eight month experience let me fully see how the company works in a long period of almost a full year. The Co-op experience allowed me to really engross myself in a working life and hopefully what is to come.

From Charles Carletta, Project Financial Analyst at CMA (RPI)

My internship with CMA has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing because I know I’m making a difference with my work. The feedback I receive from my boss and the interactions with the executives of CMA have allowed me to grow as person and test my own skillsets well beyond what I could have hoped. My time here truly makes me feel like I’m part of the family and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

From Nick Massaroni, Business Marketing/Market Research Intern (RPI)

When I first started my internship at CMA I was immediately impressed by how nice and helpful everyone was. It was easy to see that the people here genuinely enjoy their job and will go out of their way to help you. This made it easy for me to feel comfortable and become a member of the CMA family. The best part about working for CMA is that the work you do has a direct impact on company decisions. This gave me the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I have greatly enjoyed my time at CMA and am thankful to have such an opportunity.

From Dylan Woythal, Web Development Intern (SUNY Potsdam)

My internship at CMA was an eye opening experience for me. I came into the internship thinking it was just going to be a movie-scenario internship where the new guy gets poor office tasks like getting everyone coffee. It wasn’t until I started working there that I realized how wrong I was. I was given real tasks to perform that actually made a difference to the projects I was a part of. My peers around me were very supportive of my work and I felt like I actually made a difference. Applying to be an intern at CMA was the best choice I’ve made in the professional world yet.

From Bolong Liang, QA Tester (RPI)

I have learned a lot things, both on work experience and life tips. During the spring and summer, I learned how to work in a QA team, write bug reports, perform smoke tests, validate data from database and there is much more. But the most important was I had a great time working with you guys! Now I am really missing you (and the ice cream truck, bbqs, and Joe’s nerf gun, Jon’s abacus, and my board, and…) when I am at school. I would like to stay in touch with you guys, and once again, thank you for a terrific seven months!

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