CMA Announces DART Upgrade

DART (Data at Rapid Transport, Patent Pending), is data transport optimization, designed to save time and money, and efficiently accelerate your work with Big Data.

DART 5.0 is the fastest software on the market today to achieve effortless movement of data and data structures. And now Oracle to Hive loads are supported.

“CMA continues to enhance the value of the DART product platform with the addition of effortless and high speed data migration from Oracle databases to HIVE databases. DART 5.0 provides point and click migration of Oracle physical database designs to HIVE optimized physical designs, including partitioning and native ORC file generation, and the ability to migrate terabyte sized oracle databases to HIVE databases in a matter of hours,” said Brian Dougherty, Chief Technical Architect at CMA.

The new Oracle to Hive load functionality comes outfitted with many quality features, including Oracle to Hive-optimized DDL generation, native ORC file generation, high-speed loading using the “Load data inpath” command, supported partition loads, the ability to launch and monitor Hive loads from the DART console, and the support of complex loads: handle thousands of tables both with and without partitioning, with a load throughput of 1+ TBs/Hr. Other release highlights include installer updates and UI enhancements.

“Verisk Health was able to reduce data extraction, transport and refresh times in aggregate by up to 90% from times achieved by proof of concepts. Specifically, using DART we were able to refresh an analytical database designed for one of our largest clients with over 1.4 TB of operational source data in 2 hours. This is in stark comparison to the 15-20 hours that the other two data movement products under evaluation took to achieve an identical refresh,” said Jim Krieger, Medical Intelligence Architect, Verscend, formerly known as Verisk Health.

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