Updates from Dell Technologies World: 2019

President Ken Romanski, Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Zizzi, and Chief Technology Officer Brian Dougherty led a talented contingent of CMA team members to Las Vegas to meet with Dell executives and prospective clients, sharing CMA’s recent successes at the 2019 Dell Technologies World.

news delltechworld19The event provided the perfect setting for the launch and promotion of CMA’s Mosaic product line, which leverages Dell’s server, storage, and interconnect products to accelerate and optimize the storage, migration, and management of data.   

Manage a Hybrid Cloud Environment with Dell EMC; Manage Your Data Environment with Mosaic 

Technology providers recognize that enterprise clients are increasingly using multiple cloud providers, as well as blending on-premise and off-premise, private and public, infrastructure. This complexity needs configurable management solutions.  

Management of the hybrid cloud environment was an omnipresent theme at Dell Technologies World 2019. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger, and Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell joined each other on-stage to announce the launch of a common operating framework for running, managing and securing applications across VMware and Azure.  

Just as Dell Technologies now offers a software-defined data center (SDDC), by providing an integrated “control plane” for the hybrid cloud and data center environments, CMA offers a complementary solution for data, Mosaic Insights, providing end-user with a self-service model, to orchestrate many critical activities associated with managing their data environments. 

With CMA’s Mosaic SD and PM NVMeNVMeNVMe platforms, we can plug into the SDDC, and offer a high availability Oracle environment integrated into the Dell SDDC.  

“The CMA Mosaic SD and PM Oracle RAC platforms provide an ultra-high performance, purpose-built,  Oracle database infrastructure packaged in a highly efficient form factor,” said CMA CTO Brian Dougherty. “The Mosaic SD provides Oracle RAC configured to exploit the latest NVMe over Fabrics technology, in a software-defined environment, delivering 200+ GB/s of sustainable read bandwidth with 25 microsecond latency per block.” 

He continued, “The Mosaic PM platform provides the same trusted Oracle RAC configured with a state-of-the-art Dell/EMC NVMe enabled PowerMax storage node packed with an array of data services.   Both platforms are further enhanced with the Mosaic NVMe console for complete component stack insight and the popular Mosaic DART high-performance Oracle migration platform.” 

“CMA has worked to build a culture of practical innovation and our Mosaic product line is an ideal illustration of this objective.  Our innovation is borne of our client’s challenges and our desire to address those needs in a creative and efficient fashion. In short, we make solutions that work.” Steve Zizzi, CMA’s Chief Innovation Officer.  

Teaming Up with Dell EMC and Oracle to Embrace the Hybrid Cloud Environment 

“CMA is excited to team with longstanding partners, Dell EMC and Oracle to provide our products for customers that very much embrace the hybrid cloud environment. Our products help clients optimize legacy Dell and Oracle technology. We’re excited to build on our 20+ year history with Dell EMC, and jointly market our Mosaic product line,” said CMA President, Ken Romanski.

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