CMA Attends Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

Last week, representatives from CMA attended the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Baltimore, Maryland.

The conference, which has been held annually since the 1990’s, was attended by over 1500 people.. These individuals represented many states, the federal government, and companies in the private sector. MESC 2017 featured dozens of interesting sessions throughout its four days, which covered all of the different trends and topics in the current Medicaid industry. In addition, there were many booths set up at the Baltimore Convention Center, where the conference was held. CMA’s booth featured a TV Giveaway, which was won by Shatara Bogan of Mississippi.

CMA conference attendees were present at many sessions, including multiple that involved New York State, for whom CMA developed the Medicaid Data Warehouse, which has helped save nearly $2 billion in improperly expended Medicaid funds. CMA’s attendees also networked with people from all over the United States, discussing why we have the best Medicaid solutions available.

CMA is a leader in Medicaid reform and is building the infrastructure that will lead to speedier and more accurate diagnoses, cheaper Medicaid costs, and better managed high-risk patient cases.


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