CMA to Highlight Medicaid Solutions at MESC

CMA will attend the 2021 MESConference, which focuses on exchanging ideas related to Medicaid systems, being held August 9-12 in Boston, MA.  

mesc2021CMA has extensive experience in the Medicaid realm. One of our flagship projects is the New York state Medicaid Data Warehouse. We helped New York state create a comprehensive and secure health care information system environment, positioning NYS to meet the emerging needs of the next decade. 

CMA believes that as society’s health ecosystem transitions to higher-value business models, stakeholders will require timely and secure access to broad sets of data and actionable insights. To that end, we are excited to share developments to our Mosaic line of data products, including new technologies built for Google Cloud Platform.  

CMA will also share the latest in our technology and management assessment offerings, including program infrastructure review, program application review, program system management review, contract review, HHS program and policy strategic consulting, IT strategic vision and road map services, and security assessments.  

Learn more at the CMA booth. 

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