COVID-19 Solutions for New Jersey WIC

CMA has 30 years of experience implementing and supporting WIC systems across the country, including NJ WoW in New Jersey

CMA COVID-19 Work for New Jersey WICCOVID-19 brought a new set of challenges to New Jersey’s Department of Health that demanded flexible services. CMA’s agile, tailored approach to IT solutions enabled an immediate integration of policy and economic changes into NJ WoW program functionality.

Through the addition of a COVID-19 code to NJ WoW — allowing for an exception to the physical presence and bloodwork requirement — WIC staff can now remotely certify WIC participants.

Other problems related to COVID-19 pressures also emerged: confusion resulted because of the automatic appointment reminders. When clinic sites began shutting down, participants were showing up at closed clinics. CMA disabled the appointment reminder function to allow clinic staff to track who needed benefits without notifying participants, thus preventing unnecessary travel and confusion.

Additionally, the increasing food distribution costs resulting from COVID-19 demanded an evaluation of adequate compensation for WIC foods to WIC-authorized retail stores without causing bank-rejected WIC checks and fees. CMA updated the maximum allowable prices for the WIC food items in NJ WoW to accommodate higher pricing, thus increasing each WIC check’s maximum payment amount and preventing bank-rejected WIC checks.

As policy and economic changes continue to unfold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMA is committed to working with the New Jersey Department of Health to ensure the delivery of WIC services to its recipients. Whether evaluating or implementing to meet program policy and economic change, CMA is here to support the Garden State.

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