Promotion - Director for Team Recruitment & Account Management

As a leading provider of technology services, CMA is only as good as the people we have, and those we recruit. 

Jim Hughes has agreed to lead our Recruitment Unit, accepting a promotion to the newly-created position of Director for Team Recruitment and Account Management. As a senior member of CMA’s corporate management team and lead member of the Corporate Services Team, Hughes will work well with Parker Stafford, our Director of HCM, to lead this team effectively. Jim will continue to lead CMA’s critical account management work to maintain and grow these important and longstanding relationships. Jim has faithfully and effectively lead various efforts for CMA during his twenty-year tenure. Among his successful roles was leadership of our Account Management and Recruitment Units. He has been and will continue to be a valuable member of the CMA team and will no doubt draw upon his deep and exceptional experience in his new role. Please join us in supporting, welcoming, and congratulating Jim on this exciting new opportunity.

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