MIS System Selection: How Does HANDS Measure Against the Top Features Desired by WIC Agency Staff? Brilliantly.

In a recent MIS Alternatives Analysis Study presented at the 2017 NWA WIC Technology Conference, local agency staff was asked to evaluate five WIC MIS Systems, including HANDS.

Staff comprised those who worked at local agencies, including nutritionists, technicians, and administrative staff. The process allowed input by local agency staff on system features that they deem important, unbiased by the provenience of the actual system.

The features of the systems were sorted within various functional areas: Clinic module, Risk factors, Food issuance, Nutrition education & health assessment, Anthropometric/hematologic measurements, Breastfeeding information, Ad-hoc reporting/dashboard, Help screen, Scanning/electronic signature, and Appointment Scheduler. The MIS solutions were evaluated based on general features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Top Features in a WIC MIS System

Overall, the following system features received the highest number of “brilliant” votes, indicating that they were highly desirable and useful to the local agency WIC staff.

Clinic Module

  • Minimal clicks to do a subsequent certification (easy navigation)
  • Can open multiple client records in outer tabs including reports and appointment scheduler

Food Issuance

  • Records food allergies on food package screen (milk, peanut, egg, soy, wheat, fish)

Appointment Scheduler

  • Can print an appointment notice, which includes a list of documents to bring
  • The system lets staff find an appointment slot based on date range, type of appointment, preferred
  • Participants can choose for their appointment notice to be sent by text and/or email. They can also schedule when to receive the notice (i.e., two days prior)

How HANDS Performs as a Top WIC MIS System

CMA’s HANDS garnered the top overall ranking and had the highest number of these highly-desirable features.

The study abstract stated, “…the MIS system is probably one if not the most important determinant in how efficient WIC services are provided in WIC,” and CMA couldn’t agree more. We are pleased to offer the most highly-valued features in our MIS System, plus much more.

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