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Join Our Team of 450+ IT Problem Solvers 

CMA has spent more than 30 years helping our clients reach their goals. By building and working with infrastructure and systems, CMA employees optimize complicated IT environments. Additionally, our clients operate in complicated, enterprise-level spaces. Our employees fill and bridge these gaps in terms of program knowledge and technical prowess.  

CMA seeks well-qualified candidates for both internal and contract work. 

We always seek people interested in .NET development, project management, business analysis, quality assurance, and data management. But open positions may include anything from technical writers to support analysts. 

After you've seen what it's like to be part of the CMA family, view and apply for positions in our online career center.


CMA has national reach. Internal employees are based out of one of our six offices across the country, while contract work is based where the client is. CMA currently has large projects in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and more.


CMA offers all the usual employee benefits: medical, dental, vision, insurance, 401Ks, vacation, etc. But we also provide options. For example, we provide six healthcare plans, so you can right-size your health benefits for your needs.

Interested in growing your skills? So are we. CMA has initiatives to expand your knowledge and skillsets, including partner certification programs. 


Interested in growing your skills? So are we. CMA has initiatives to expand your knowledge and skillsets, including partner certification programs. 

Internships & Co-ops

Benefits of a CMA Internship

Valuable Work Experience: Academics form a strong base, but at some point, you need to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. Our programs provide a meaningful opportunity with plenty of chances to ask questions.

Solve Real Problems: Whether we are fighting fraud, optimizing big data analytics to support better healthcare, or making sure the technology used to run a WIC program is top-notch, the teams at CMA work together to solve actual, real-world problems.

Earnings: At CMA we pay our interns. It is important to note that money earned from co-ops no longer increases the “estimated family contribution” for need-based financial aid.

Potential Job Offers: Quite a few former interns have been hired by CMA after their program ended.

Check out our testimonials and read about the experiences of our former interns.

Current Internships & Co-op Partnerships

CMA has offered full-timepaid internships through a co-op partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. These co-ops/internships have taken place over the spring/summer semesters (which meets the RPI co-op requirement that undergraduate students work for two terms) or just the summer months.

Interviews for the two-term positions take place at the end of October.

Please see the RPI Center for Career and Professional Development for more details on the requirements, as well as any current open positions from CMA.

Recent co-ops and internships included:

  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Intern ETL Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Java Developer (Cúram Framework)
  • Marketing Assistant
  • .NET Developer
  • QA Tester
  • Web Developer


  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Align the Best Professionals to Your Business Needs

    CMA specializes in providing IT consultants with considerable industry experience. Our consultants possess proven accomplishments spanning a broad range of technical practices and environments.

    CMA also believes the necessary combination of technical, business, and interpersonal skills are required to support complex and dynamic IT environments.


    CMA holds a number of government contract vehicles, spanning from national to city levels.

    Contracts include GSA, which provides long-term access to our solutions for the entire country, and more focused contracts available in New York, Ohio, Texas, Massachusetts, Arizona, and more. 

    Visit Contracts/How to Buy From CMA

    Government contracts held by CMA

    Professional Placements & Staff Augmentation

    CMA has staffed organizations across the country in a variety of markets including Finance and Banking, Manufacturing, Scientific Research, Public Sector (Federal, State, and Local Government), and Engineering.

    Visit our job board to see some of the positions CMA recruits for.

    Jobs at CMA

    Professional Placements at CMA: Consulting Services


    Each of our instructors is certified and authorized in the classes they instruct. Classes focus on preparing our clients for increased productivity and certification. These effective courses can be taught on-site at your location.

    CMA delivers quality training with instructors from our consultant staff, who are “hands-on practicing professionals.”

    Andrew, CMA trainer

    Managed Services

    The role of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is much greater than simply providing the lowest-cost human resource “commodity” to the purchasing department. The IT components created by the contract staff are vital to the specific mission of each client. As such, the role of an MSP involves applying criteria to assess each candidate, optimize the supply chain to provide IT contract labor at just the right time, while maintaining quality commitments, all at a reasonable cost.

    CMA’s MSP methodology has been developed for more than 30 years. CMA is firmly committed to quality, excellence, superior business performance and continuous improvement. We deliver outstanding service through creative, innovative and intelligent consulting services for both national and international firms, as well as public sector clients. We provide value to our customers through hands-on teamwork. With this commitment, we have developed a “best practices” approach that is practical and easily executed.

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  • CMA Representatives Attend Launch of Veteran Connect Center

    CMA Vice President Gary Davis and Director of Team Recruitment James Hughes attended the April 10 launch of the Veteran Connect Center.

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  • CMA's Arizona Office Celebrates

    CMA’s Phoenix, Arizona team held its annual holiday party last week, offering a chance for our western-based employees to celebrate and team build.

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  • Employees Celebrate, Are Honored at Annual Holiday Party

    On Friday, January 11, CMA held its annual holiday celebration. In addition to the festivities, CMA recognized six employees.

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  • Promotion - Director for Team Recruitment & Account Management

    As a leading provider of technology services, CMA is only as good as the people we have, and those we recruit. 

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  • Testimonials From CMA's Interns

    Interested in hearing from a few former interns about their experiences with spring/summer co-op sessions at CMA? They are happy to share with you.

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