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WIC Business Analytics and Visualizations in Arizona

WIC Business Analytics and Visualizations in Arizona


The Arizona WIC program provides nutrition education and breastfeeding support services, supplemental nutritious foods, and referrals to health and social services. The Arizona WIC consortium also includes the Navajo Nation, Guam, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa. 

Business Case

Business analytics is about providing actionable information so our client could make better decisions about their program. With the use of data visualization tools and CMA’s extensive knowledge and expertise in data warehousing, their data transformed into information.

Clients want to go beyond traditional reporting structures and obtain visualizations of information in new and exciting ways. They need to be organized and present data intuitively, give users timely information, and empower them to ask more questions of the data.

The Solution

CMA has more than 30 years of experience in WIC. CMA merged this WIC knowledge with our expertise in data warehouse design to build something more than a reporting platform. We created an information store for the user to receive timely information from their data. 

WIC is made up of many functional areas all with their unique requirements for data and reporting. The Clinic operations area is focused on participant processing and benefit issuance, whereas the Finance area is concentrated on ensuring all benefit issuances and redemptions are accurate and reconciled. With data visualization, CMA has merged data from both areas into timely and actionable information for both user groups. 

CMA developed these visualizations to not only convey information to the reader but as a platform to evoke additional questions from the user about their data. A user may see the total expenditures for a county and ask what is the average per participant expenditure for a county. The visualization platform CMA has built not only provides the ability to answer these questions but also questions not yet asked.   

In the case of Arizona WIC, CMA provides them with a hosted solution for its Business Analytics solution from a high availability and highly secure data center (on-premises solutions are also available to our clients). Daily Operational data is summarized and transformed into information stores on the visualization server. No development or data cleansing is required by the state. And Client, Vendor, Agency, and Clinic data is geocoded for use on maps.

CMA provides data translation services to load the customer’s data into the Information Store’s data model. This centralized approach to data translation allows CMA to verify the quality and accuracy of the data along with having a WIC subject matter expert review the translated data and provide feedback to the customer on any questions that may arise.

The Results

CMA’s WIC Business Analytics provides managers more accurate, timely and actionable information to enhance participant care, program operations, program efficiencies, and program integrity.

Data becomes spatially-enabled information. There is user-configurable trend analysis for all graphical information. Visualizations exist for enhanced program integrity monitoring. The analytics system works with EBT and check issuance and redemption data. There is standard caseload projection and reporting, as well as enhanced vendor monitoring, participant purchasing evaluations, and participation trending and retention evaluations. There are ad hoc reporting capabilities and a weekly refresh of source data. All of this serves to provide actionable information so our client can make better decisions about their WIC program.

These CMA-hosted SaaS analytics are available 24X7 and always ready to accept client data. The SaaS model eliminates the need for software upgrades and dedicated support staff.


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