Financial Services

Big Data Strategies to Optimize Infrastructure and Create Better Insights

CMA’s IT and data solutions provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the financial services industry. Our deep understanding of infrastructure and leading-edge technologies serves each client’s unique business needs.

With the power of technology, we can help you optimize, leverage, and scale your past investments or build new infrastructure while focusing on the future of financial services.

IT Solutions for the Finance Industry

Use IT to Meet Today’s Financial Services Challenges

Here are some of the use cases where our products, services, and consultations have helped the financial services industry.

  • Data ingestion to optimize Big Data migration
  • Orchestrated data movement to improve data-related workflows
  • Replication of operational data to analytics platforms or DR environments
  • Migration to lower-cost platforms including the Cloud
  • Digital marketing & location services for customer acquisition and customer experience

Building an Optimized Data Transport Environment

A Roadmap for Banks and Other Financial Organizations

Financial institutions use Big Data to create insights, better serve their customers, and support internal management decisions. Leveraging these highly strategic sources of insight improves a wide array of business functions.

Financial institutions often seek data strategies that build an optimized data transport environment to meet these challenges, including flexible back-end infrastructure technology, ultrafast queries, and robust data ingestion.

Thumbnail: Building an Optimized Data Transport Environment. A Roadmap for Banks and Other Financial Organizations.

Success Story

  • Optimized Data-Related Workflows in Large Investment Management Company

    Mosaic DART enabled our client to better support its internal customer needs and the trillions of dollars in assets they manage.

    Following an extensive evaluation, our client concluded that Mosaic DART significantly outperformed their existing approach and processes, reducing refresh times from 6.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

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IT Products and Services for the Financial Services Industry

Mosaic DART

Mosaic DART

Achieve effortless movement of data and data structures.

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Digital, Location, Proximity Marketing

Digital Marketing & Location Services

Create, target, and deliver hyper-personal and hyper-local campaigns, at scale

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Integrate your applications into a cogent set of enterprise-wide solutions.

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