The Next Generation in CMA’s HR Product Suite  

Doing more with less, especially when it comes to back office operations and Human Resource administration, is a challenge. But it is possible – on the Enterprise and Agency level – and CMA has designed a new, modular product, ALIGNHR to help meet this need.

Built on the strong foundation of subject matter, data and technology expertise CMA has established over the last two decades, ALIGNHR enables agencies to customize solutions and streamline processing by automating specific NYS Civil Service policies and procedures, and collectively bargained terms and conditions.


ALIGNHR Advantages

ALIGNHR is built to meet NYS Government Agency HR internal processing needs based on the business rules developed and refined by CMA over decades of partnership with NYS.

ALIGNHR business rules automate key internal functions, sparing critical and valued staff resources and accelerating the time that it would otherwise take to train new HR staff.

ALIGNHR is tailored to complement (not compete with) current enterprise system rollout and implementations.

ALIGNHR is built on current web-based technology and is intuitive and user-friendly.

ALIGNHR uses current HRISnet databases (enjoyed by 22 NYS agencies) so customers need not re-enter employee history or other voluminous data.

ALIGNHR interfaces with LATS-NY, PayServ and NYSTEP to simplify data entry, sharing, reporting and analysis.

ALIGNHR comes with CMA’s product support, which includes access to experienced and well-trained SME’s conversant in Civil Service Law, Rule and Practice.

Key ALIGNHR Functionality

Features include:

  • Probation Monitoring

  • Performance Evaluation Administration

  • Agency Internal Assignment Transactions

  • Skills Tracking

  • License Tracking

  • Labor Relations Tracking

  • Applicable in-app Reports

  • Web Services or Customer Interfaces

  • Emergency Contact Tracking and Refresh to NY-ALERT

  • Request to Fill processing

  • Increment Years of Service Tracking

  • Internal Earmark Management

  • Agency Restructure Tools

  • Enhanced Reporting Tools


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