Workers Are Complicated; Your HR Management System Doesn't Have to Be  

CMA’s Human Resource Information System (HRISnet) assists more than 50 government agencies with administering human resource (HR) management.

Designed for state agencies, HRISnet automates the processing of standard HR transactions and interfaces with personnel and payroll systems.

HRISnet also simplifies rarely performed administrative tasks such as item renumbering, recording contract pay raises, entering bonus data, title reallocation and restructuring, and uniform changes in inconvenience and location pay.

Why Choose HRISnet

  • Addresses unique requirements of government agencies
  • Integrates CC, personnel and payroll, labor relations, probation, and performance evaluation
  • Facilitates access and tracking of HR information
  • Web-based
  • Provides a bi-directional interface to personnel and payroll systems (PaySR)
  • Provides a variety of management reporting facilities
  • Improves HR efficiency
  • Allows for flexible service and support
  • Provides multiple levels of security
  • HRISnet Service and Support

HRISnet Features

Classification and Compensation (CC): This module processes CC forms for creating and maintaining position item numbers within an agency.

Personnel and Payroll: HRISnet automates key personnel and payroll functions such as hiring, promotion, and payroll adjustments.

Performance Evaluation: Within the performance evaluation module ratings and awards associated with employee performance evaluations are assigned and tracked, as well as the due dates of evaluation reports and results.

Probation Monitoring: The probation module tracks employee probationary periods, including facilities for recording probation results, probation extensions, entering a second probationary period, and due dates for probation reports.

Labor Relations: The labor relations module includes the tracking of employee discipline and grievance cases, review and arbitration, facilities for entering new cases, and printing of monthly activity reports.

Reporting Capabilities: HRISnet provides predefined reports, including biweekly and management reports. In addition, ad hoc reporting provides the ability to create reports using raw data or live database extracts.

Employee Self-Service: In coordination with our LATSnet product, this module allows employees to review and change emergency contact information via a secure Internet connection.


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