It's About Time; Manage Your Workforce Better 

The Leave and Accrual Tracking System (LATSnet) by CMA offers a secure and user-friendly way to automate the processes of tracking employee leave, attendance, and labor distribution. This comprehensive solution innovates to let you manage your workplace better.

LATSnet captures employee hours and charges for a given pay period, then applies the charges and accruals to current leave balances. Employee charges and accrual records are retained online, providing a complete historical record. Employers can use reports to track trends, such as leave abuse and excessive use.

Why Choose LATSnet

You can expect many benefits by choosing LATSnet. Here are a few:

LATS can reduce payroll expenses

Reduce Payroll Expense

LATS can promote accountability

Promote Accountability

LATS can enforce and administer business rules

Enforce & Administer Business Rules

LATS promotes proactive time management

Proactive Time Management

LATSnet Features

LATSnet automates scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing, and approval. We built the system to be flexible, to meet a variety of reporting needs. Customizations are easy options.

LATSnet is available in a cloud or on your premises. It also maintains an open systems platform and open database structure, so it can easily integrate with other systems (in a secure way). For example, it can facilitate a quick transfer of hours to payroll, accurately.

While available standalone, LATSnet is also a component of CMA’s complete HRnet solution, along with LMSnet and HRISnet.

  • Automated time tracking and accrual calculations
  • Supervisor review and timesheet approval
  • Time distribution to track specific work categories and tasks
  • Timekeeping reporting
  • Web-based personnel planner
  • Web-based timesheet
  • Time clocks
  • Schedule planning (coverage, resource planning, overtime utilization)

Web-Based & Mobile Friendly


User-Friendly & Intuitive



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