Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The administrative overhead often needed to provide training opportunities and track the educational accomplishments of your employees can overwhelm any organization’s training team.

But a flexible, robust learning management system can help. That’s why we built LMSnet.

Simply put, LMSnet is designed to save you time and give your employees the tools they need to keep learning and growing.

The intuitive interface of this learning management software contains several portals that enable users to manage attendees, courses, instructors, resources, training plans, email notifications, prerequisites, course evaluations, and more.

Why Choose LMSnet

LMSnet offers all the benefits of a comprehensive and easy-to-use learning management system. Here are a few:

LMS Address complex requirements

Address Complex Requirements

LMS Engage workers

Engage Your Workers

LMS Save Time

Save Time

LMSnet Features

Training Plans and Curriculums: LMSnet allows an organization to create custom training plans that can be assigned to individuals or predetermined groups. LMSnet also supports the creation of curriculums, which enable your organization to allow individuals to choose from a selection of courses to satisfy a training requirement.

Competencies: LMSnet can record competencies that an employee has earned or demonstrated as part of their training transcript. It can also assign and track pending competencies, allowing training administrators to monitor employee progress towards earning specific competencies.

CECs: LMSnet provides the ability to award Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to individuals in order to meet compliance needs. CECs can be associated with courses and granted to individuals upon class completions or CECs can be added directly to a training history or transcript based on external award sources.

Custom Digital and Printable Certificates: The LMSnet certificate wizard assists training administrators with the creation of custom certificates that can be associated with courses and granted to employees upon class completion. Certificates are stored electronically as part of an employee’s training history and can be printed or reprinted any time.

Resource Management: LMSnet users can define, allocate, and track custom resource types. Such resources may be instructors, classrooms, training equipment, or other materials required for a class. This feature prevents resource usage conflicts by allowing available resources to be reserved.

Automatic Notification: LMSnet provides automatic e-mail notifications for a variety of system events using an SMTP server. For example, LMSnet delivers personalized e-mail notifying users that their training request has been accepted or denied, or that they have been enrolled in a course.

Evaluations: LMSnet supports the creation of customized online evaluations for attendees to complete after finishing a course; training administrators can view both individual and summarized evaluation results. LMSnet can be configured to deliver evaluations either with or without anonymity.

User Access Levels: LMSnet provides the ability to create custom user roles so that access to education history, course catalogs, course schedules, resources, etc. can be provided to those who need it while limiting access for those that don’t. Access can also be restricted to segments of your organization so that users in a specific role are further limited to the records that they can review.

Cloud-Based: LMSnet is available as a cloud-based, hosted solution or as an on-premise installation.

Integration: LMSnet is a component of CMA’s complete HRnet solution which includes LATSnet and HRISnet. Yet it can stand on its own. LMSnet has an expanding API as well that allows it to be customized to receive data and supply data to other HR or time and attendance applications.


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