Mosaic is the art of data management. Create your bigger picture with our Mosaic line of data products. 

Mosaic offers trusted tools that optimize the way you discover, evaluate, and visualize quality insights.

  • Work at the most efficient speed possible
  • Enable both business and data workers
  • Bring together disparate users
  • Orchestrate across solutions
  • Make your data work across an enterprise

Explore each Mosaic product to discover all the ways the pieces can come, beautifully, together.

Mosaic Insights

Mosaic Insights is an Enterprise framework to move, aggregate, and publish sensitive data within a secure subscription environment.

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Mosaic DART is the fastest software on the market to achieve effortless movement of data and data structures.

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Mosaic SD NVMe is an ultra-high performance, pre-calibrated data solution designed to easily scale and build up as needed.

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Database architecture that integrates compute, storage, networking, and specialized software to provide the most cost-effective and scalable means of modernizing database environments.

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How Can Mosaic Work For You? 

  • Business End-Users

    Business end users, from analysts to executives, need to maintain the self-service aspect of modern data tools, that is, not go through IT or know how to code themselves. Business users also require robust sets of data that pull from diverse data sources, both internal and external to the enterprise.

    The Mosaic line of products covers all this and more. Mosaic Insights provides the enterprise framework and governance, while Mosaic DART ensures the speed you need for fast insights.  

  • Data Stewards

    Without good processes, data analysis can easily create governance issues and enable multiple versions of the truth, or even insights that are flat-out wrong. 

    Mosaic Insights provides the security and governance data stewards, and the enterprise, need. And Mosaic NVMe Database enables the scaling needed to respond to changing data environments. 

  • Data Analysts & Engineers

    If you are technical and work to optimize data work every day, the Mosaic line provides a productivity boost unlike any other. 

    Mosaic DART allows the seamless movement of data and datasets from end-point to end-point, more quickly than anything else on the market. 


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