Mosaic DART

Achieve Effortless Movement of Data and Optimized Data Transport

Mosaic DART is data transport optimization, designed to save time, save money, and efficiently accelerate your work with Big Data.

We believe the movement of data is key. Movement holds many untapped areas for improvement. Increase productivity, keep precise control, and always move at optimal speed.

DART Maximizes Value by optimizing data movement

Maximize Value WITH Transparency & Flexibility

Mosaic DART is an open platform that exposes all the underlying processes and tasks used to orchestrate movement.

DART: Extend your current system

Extend Your Current System

Mosaic DART is not a competing technology. It’s complementary. Users can use as-is or plug in custom statements and processes to extend Mosaic DART’s capabilities.

DART Gain actionable insights faster

Gain Actionable Insights—Faster

Mosaic DART moves data straight to the target platform, unlike other solutions that use a two-step process. This makes Mosaic DART much faster, not only during the execution of load, but also in the time necessary to configure and launch a load.

DART protects and leverages your legacy system

Protect & Leverage Legacy IT

Many customers struggle with how to achieve business objectives from constantly expanding Big Data. Legacy systems often don’t deliver the speed and scale necessary to achieve a good ROI. Mosaic DART will enhance them.

Optimize the Cloud

  • Gain productivity in complex environments
  • Move structure, as well as data
  • Understand endpoint to endpoint

Optimize Migration

  • Upgrade to the cloud in record time
  • Solve peak workload problems
  • Move at a fraction of the cost

Optimize Transparency

  • Work with our open platform
  • Expose all the underlying processes and tasks
  • Instantly see the job status and debug more easily

Optimize Knowledge

  • Empower all data workers
  • Easily orchestrate movement
  • No programming necessary

Optimize Productivity

  • Abstract away complexity
  • Keep precise control
  • Always move at optimal speed

How Mosaic DART Works

Think of Mosaic DART as excellent GPS for your data. Slow data is a logistics problem, and Mosaic DART provides the smartest way to get data from one place to another, as quickly as possible, every time.

How is it possible to increase productivity, keep precise control, and always move at optimal speed?

CMA uses heuristics to abstract the complexity involved, which we pair with deep endpoint intelligence to achieve high-speed data transport and orchestration. And as you progress, Mosaic DART will learn and improve its process.

Our simple UI creates an easy-to-use workflow that still allows granule control at the object level, allowing either a technical DBA or someone with no programming knowledge to move data on their terms, when they need it.

For example, instead of taking five hours to program scripts to move data, and then wait for a five-hour move to finish, Mosaic DART allows users to set-up the move in five minutes and accomplishes the move in one hour.

Success Stories

  • Optimized Data-Related Workflows in Large Investment Management Company

    When compared to other industry tools, Mosaic DART provided superior performance, enabling our client to better support its internal customer needs and the trillions of dollars in assets they manage.

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  • Enabling High-Performance Data Analytics in Healthcare

    CMA's client was able to reduce data extraction, transport and refresh times in aggregate by up to 90% from times achieved by proof of concepts.

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