Mosaic Insights

Organizations across every industry seek to unify and transform mountains of data (from a variety of sources) into timely and actionable insights. While the premise sounds simple, the path is fraught with technical, financial, policy, and security-related obstacles.
Both business and technical analytics workers can easily harness Mosaic Insights to overcome these challenges and deliver sustainable business value on an accelerated basis.

Adopt an Everyday Consumer Approach to Data

If you’re like tens of millions of individuals, you’ve already adopted a disruptive approach to improve your personal shopping experiences. Subscription services, such as Amazon, enable consumers to sign into a secure environment. Then individual preferences customize that environment.

Upon sign in, customers access a published catalog of products from a variety of manufacturers. Users can filter, review, personalize, purchase, and ship these products with a few clicks of a mouse. 

What if the same concept was applied to support consumers of data?

  • Mosaic Insights works for healthcare and medicaid organizations


    Healthcare organizations would have the capacity to: securely analyze datasets from a variety of sources; enter into innovative contracting arrangements with payers; optimize operational workflows; enhance patient and provider experience, or facilitate due diligence activities during mergers and acquisitions.

  • Mosaic Insights works for researchers


    Researchers would have the means of assembling dossiers from a variety of sources, and analyzing the unified datasets in a secure environment, to advance new products and services.

  • Mosaic Insights works for auditors


    Auditors would be able to automate the process of securely gathering information in the office and field, and their subsequent analysis and publishing of findings for targeted audiences.

  • Mosaic Insights works for organizations


    Organizations would have the ability to leverage an abstraction layer that unifies data from a variety of legacy environments, to support dashboards, standard queries, and ad-hoc analyses.

Generate Immediate Business Value

  • Facilitate analytic, discovery, and reporting activities by allowing users to embed their choice of industry standard visualization and analytic tools within their personalized Virtual Desktop Interface.

  • Transform your organization’s data into a competitive differentiator by providing a low-risk approach to abstracting the complexities of legacy data management and integration.

  • Ensure sustained results with contemporary technologies and a highly-scalable architecture that adapts to your evolving needs.

The Integrated Modules of Mosaic Insights

Mosaic Grid

The Mosaic Grid module provides clients with a high-performance framework that supports:

  • the bi-directional flow of data and data structures moving between distributed silos
  • an Enterprise Publication Layer that can be accessed and viewed much like a data catalog 

As data becomes more complex and diverse, the Grid’s Analytic Mart serves as a target for curated data that is analytically ready for authorized end-users to work with on a self-service basis.   

Designed to move massive amounts of data with uncompromised speed, precision, and security, Mosaic Grid provides clients with a best-in-class framework that extends the value of their distributed data sources, as end-points to a contemporary, enterprise data orchestration platform.

Mosaic Lab

The Mosaic Lab module provides authorized users with a secure, portal-based platform through which they can explore, provision, and work with data independently. The Lab features a Control Console that enables subscribers to:

  • explore what data is available in the Grid’s data catalog
  • self-provision data they are authorized to work with to a targeted analytic platform
  • monitor the status of their extract requests without having to wait weeks for a database administrator to provide data for important queries that take just seconds to complete

Mosaic Lab also features a personalized Virtual Desktop Interface and Database, from which users can analyze data – whether extracted from the Grid or uploaded from an external server – using their choice of industry standards tools such as Tableau or SAS.  The dashboards, reports, and findings generated can be securely stored in the Lab’s Personal Database for future viewing by the user or authorized group members with subscription privileges.


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