Mosaic SD NVMe 

Increase Performance, Reduce Oracle Licensing Costs

Simply put, Mosaic SD NVMe is a database clustered platform. But “simply” doesn’t tell the whole story.

Mosaic NVMe Database is an ultra-high performance, pre-calibrated data solution designed to easily scale and build up as needed.

We pre-configure an Oracle 12c/18c RAC cluster so that you can effortlessly plug it into a data center. Our transparent and modular approach ensures you can start small and grow quickly.

Mosaic SD NVMe logo

Seamlessly take advantage of industry developments in flash and NVMe technology advancements.

Solve Data Infrastructure Problems

CMA creates products that we can’t find anywhere else on the market—products that we need to serve our clients. We built Mosaic SD NVMe to address some of the common pain points found in data infrastructure today:

  • You don’t have 3-4 months to design tests for calibration optimization
  • Budgets are tight, especially when it comes to end-user licenses piling up
  • Data needs to move around and between cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments
  • Data performance is fast one moment but stalled the next. You want consistent performance speed
  • You achieved high bandwidth, which is good, but it’s coupled with high latency, which is bad

Increase Your Oracle RAC Performance & Gain Value

  • Enjoy high performance with very low latency
  • Rapid deployment
  • Elastic scale-out
  • Ultra-compact form factor
  • Compelling economics price/performance
  • Ability to exploit advancements in NVMe and Flash industry

A Big Data Tool with Incredible Design

Mosaic SD NVMe's deliberate design allows you to increase your Oracle RAC performance while gaining value:

  • Derive more value from software licenses. Save money using fewer nodes.
  • Enhance the data user experience with high-level, predictable performance
  • Enable faster database operations. Mosaic SD NVMe is easily maintained.
  • Provide flexibility to adapt to changing workloads. Address spikes in an affordable way.
  • Improve user productivity, which is always better for business.
  • Reduce needed power, form factor, and latency, while increasing bandwidth. Reduce your hardware and software TCO.
  • Scale to meet your application needs.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art industry standard hardware and software components. Take advantage of flash and NVMe technology advancements.


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