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Fibre Channel NVMe Edition

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Industry leaders leverage data to facilitate heightened agility and differentiation in their highly competitive marketplaces. To remain relevant, these organizations are investing in a new class of database system architectures, that provide far greater efficiencies, performance and simplicity than their legacy, OracleRAC environments.

CMA’s Mosaic Oracle PowerMax – Fibre Channel NVMe Edition appliance is a best-in-class, purpose-built database architecture that integrates the compute, storage, networking and specialized software to provide the most cost-effective and scalable means of modernizing strategic database environments.

Business Case

Given the proliferation of applications within most businesses, it is not uncommon for organizations to be mired in the costs and complexity of supporting hundreds of databases, servers and storage systems. Prominent among these challenges, are the high costs of Oracle licensing and support, which have increased each time a computing node is added to support organizational workloads.

Organizations across every industry have approached a tippingpoint, prompting them to capitalize on modern, database system architectures capable of driving enhanced business outcomes in the form of data-driven insights for improved decision making, reduced demand on database administrators and application developers, and substantial reductions in Oracle licensing and support cost.

Our Mosaic Oracle PowerMax offering is a best-in-class, purpose-built, RAC database platform that offers all the features and benefits of Dell’s PowerMax – storage array, coupled with the flexibility required to select, integrate and support your choice of business applications.

Value Proposition

CMA’s Mosaic Oracle PowerMax is a best-in-class database architecture that:

Reduces the costs associated with Oracle licensing and support: Leverage the high-performance capabilities of our solution to reduce and contain both the number of compute nodes and associated licenses required to support your business workloads.

Establishes a roadmap for addressing rapidly approaching, End-of- Service-Life dates: Mitigate the risk of being caught without essential services and support, by transitioning to a contemporary platform that will support your needs for years to come.

Meets the performance and scalability demands of next-gen applications and real-time analytics: Our purpose build design aligns CMA’s Mosaic solution with the unmatched performance of Dell PowerMax, to achieve mission-critical availability and consolidation of mission-critical workloads.

Accelerates the digital transformation of your data-driven organization: Set in place a strategic, data and analytic foundation that facilitates your evolving business requirements.


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