Child Welfare

Helping You Remain Focused on Positive Family Outcomes

CMA has a long track record of serving state Child Welfare Agencies. Child Welfare business processes rely on a strong foundation of person-to-person casework, supported by quality, timely data organized for access into an instinctive decision support system.

Our user-driven approach supports Child Welfare workers in both their office and field work processes. Our goal is to help our clients ensure the highest degree of service provided to the public.

Success Stories

  • Mobile Case Management

    CMA did, in cooperation with Texas, pioneer the development of tablet-based mobile systems and in Java-based development of fully web-enabled Child Welfare systems.

    mCPS (mobile Child Protective Services) and mRPI (mobile Resource/Provider Inspection) document everything you can capture on your device, working on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops.

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  • A Better Process for Child Adoption

    The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) chose CMA to complete the requirements gathering, planning, detailed design, development and testing of a new TARE (Texas Adoption Resource Exchange) website.

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High Value at Low Risk

Our approach to Child Welfare projects delivers high value at low risk, via intuitive and seamless:

  • Application interfaces
  • System interfaces
  • Mobility solutions
  • Business rules
  • Workflows
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Whether a project is large or small, CMA works to promote fast, reliable systems that are secure and easy-to-use.


CMA and CCWIS share many of the same goals when it comes to Child Welfare Systems. When designing Child Welfare systems, CMA focuses on user needs to help you remain focused on positive family outcomes.

  • Focus on quality data
  • Reduce costs for system development and maintenance
  • Encourage interoperability through new data exchanges
  • Support interoperability through standard exchange protocols
  • Maximize flexibility

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