WIC Analytics

Enable Advanced Analytics Capabilities for Users of All Levels of Technical Ability

CMA brings analytical depth, data visualizations, sharing, and presentation to world-class WIC solutions.

Share content and data. Experience a system that is built to be interactive, scalable, secure, accessible, and easily integrated and administered.

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Business Intelligence for WIC

Business Intelligence helps organizations with better decision-making, leveraging a wide range of the latest tools and methods.

The CMA team provides in-depth analysis of historical data from varied sources to assist in making informed decisions.

Business Intelligence helps drive data-driven decision making with the help of aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data to strategize and manage business processes and policies.





  • WIC Business Analytics and Visualizations in Arizona

    WIC is made up of many functional areas all with their unique requirements for data and reporting. The Clinic operations area is focused on participant processing and benefit issuance, whereas the Finance area is concentrated on ensuring all benefit issuances and redemptions are accurate and reconciled.

    With data visualization, CMA has merged data from both areas into timely and actionable information for both user groups. 

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WIC Program Administration Visualizations

CMA leverages visualizations to generate many of the key performance metrics designed for WIC program administration.

End-users can generate insights essential to program administration and decision making.

View some sample WIC dashboards by downloading, "Empowering WIC Program Administration through Analytics."

Empowering WIC Program Administration through Analytics


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