Expand Participation with This Easy-to-Use, Online Gateway

Millions of women, infants, and children now urgently need assistance due to the COVID-19 economic hit. But even before the pandemic, a relatively low percentage of the eligible population were enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), missing out on the health and economic benefits WIC provides.

By making it easier to apply, state WIC Programs can help these nutritionally-at-risk individuals and families. Throughout our 30-year tradition of serving these programs, CMA has helped citizens adapt to the changing world by leveraging the latest technologies. And while confronting this devastating pandemic, CMA has responded again.

WIC+ Screen Shot: New Jersey Particpant Portal Implementation

WIC+ Benefits for Clinics

Increase your WIC program participation rates while enabling remote WIC services. 

There is no need for potential participants to call the clinic and no need for clinic workers to receive paper documents in person. And it’s all done with the utmost privacy and security protection.

Potential participants can provide critical information and upload supporting documents to alleviate the need for clinic workers to receive paper documents in person.

24/7 availability

Works on phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Family-centric, guided portal

Minimal staff training needed

  • CMA creates a participant portal for distanced WIC support

    Keeping things status quo was unsustainable. WIC clinics were closed with workers working from home and collecting data over the phone. Systems were overwhelmed with initial applications.

    New Jersey took early steps to ensure accessible WIC support.

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WIC+ Benefits for Families

CMA designed WIC+ for current and next-generation users. It works on any device using any modern browser, allowing users to:

  • Use without installing software
  • Operate without training
  • Use at any time; No need to wait for offices to open
  • Search for clinics
  • Locate WIC-participating retailers
  • Manage their appointments
  • Enter and update their demographic data
  • Submit pre-certification data
  • Upload documents
  • View current and future benefits
  • View health care data, including children’s growth charts
  • Access nutrition education
  • Manage agreements & affirmations (such as attestation for rights/obligations and receipt of benefits)

WIC+ Technical Highlights

  • Easily integrates with any WIC management information system. Is already integrated with HANDS and WOW
  • Uses federated identification using Gmail and Facebook
  • Optimizes Angular 8 + .NET Core Web API

Leverages the Google Cloud Platform to:

  • Adjust to capacity needs on the fly
  • Encrypt documents during transit and at rest
  • Perform required validations to emphasize program requirements
  • Use Machine Learning to validate the documents for appropriate content


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