WIC VendorWeb Portal

Empower WIC Vendors with This Easy-to-Use, Online Gateway

While managing their participation in the WIC program, retailers deserve an easy interface to provide information to the state.

Time, device, and software shouldn’t constrain the retailer from providing accurate application and authorization information.

VenderWeb facilitates a faster authorization process that supports every peer group retailer.

WIC Vendor Web Screen Shot: Arizona Vendor WIC Portal

WIC VendorWeb Benefits

With VendorWeb, vendors can enable 24/7 applications and allows access to pertinent WIC program information.

State and local agencies can expand options for vendor outreach, fast-track vendor applications and reapplications, reduce data entry requirements for state staff, and provide a device-independent application accessed via the internet for smartphones.

24/7 availability

Works on phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Expand options for vendor outreach

Contactless authorization/reauthorization determination during pandemic

  • Creating a Quality Interface for WIC Retailers to Provide Information to the State

    Arizona uses VendorWeb to facilitate a faster authorization process that supports every peer group retailer.

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Learn More About VendorWeb's Unique Features

VendorWeb provides the tools necessary for vendors to gain approval for serving the WIC Community. 

Our three-page document is available for download: "WIC VendorWeb Portal."

Thumbnail image of the PDF download re: VendorWeb

WIC+ Technical Highlights

  • Easily integrates with any WIC management information system. Is already integrated with HANDS and WOW.

  • Provides a device-independent application that users can access through the internet or SmartPhones.

  • Minimizes training needs by using an intuitive, modern interface.


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