Digital Marketing & Location Services

Unleash the power of digital and mobile marketing to dramatically boost your results

We live in a digital world. Moreover, we live in a mobile world.

Increase your marketing and communications effectiveness across all interaction channels by adding high-value, customized digital marketing solutions. Tap into over 300M mobile devices providing real-world, real-time data and “right time” engagements. 

CMA’s Digital Marketing Solutions creates, targets, and delivers hyper-personal, and even hyper-local marketing and communications campaigns, at scale. Our solutions can work as a stand-alone channel, or to enhance and amplify your other channel and communication choices.

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Boost Your Digital Response –

  • Leverage household and individual data on over 300M mobile devices
  • Tap into demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and real-time sentiment
  • Generate location-specific insights and intent
  • Increase your communication efficiency in real-time
  • Turbocharge your desired results

Take your Digital Communications to a New Level

Every second of every day, smartphones are transmitting data – information that consumers have agreed to share.  Now you have a way to capitalize on these insights to promote the most relevant, specific messaging to your ideal prospects at precisely the right time. 

With CMA Digital Marketing, You Can —

  • Access billions of data points in an instant

    Our data is dynamic and self-optimizing, allowing you to leverage the real-time nature of digital. Demographics, lifestyle, location, and “signal of intent” behaviors help to uncover your highest potential audiences, segments, and messaging placements.

  • Hyper-target in real time

    We custom-build geofences (virtual boundaries around real-world locations) to ensure accuracy. Want to message someone the instant they enter a city, town, store, office, etc.? We do that! You can reach your best prospect within milliseconds anywhere in the country.

  • Captivate and gain attention

    Our Creative Services team know what works and can create the best performing messages and ads for your exact use case.  From basic banner ads to full HD video, including the ability to provide “click to call,” provide turn-by-turn directions, and so much more, our creative solutions are built to perform.

  • Know exactly what works

    CMA takes great pride in providing full attribution for all campaigns, so you know exactly what’s working.  We provide reporting on impressions, clicks, and click-thru rates. Using custom analytics, we also rank and validate every impression. More advanced analytics are available specific to each campaign and the associated KPIs.

  • Achieve superior results

    CMA’s digital marketing solution outperforms the industry average for digital marketing campaigns by over 100%.  Plus, the measurable synergies between digital and other response channels can drive omnichannel engagement by more than 300%. 

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